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Your heavy hit with Inferno Blade pierces enemies, has an extended range limit, and deals 150 additional damage.
Blade Dance
Increase the distance of Whirl by 10-50%
Billow reduces the cooldown of Whirl by 1-5s.
Increase your maximum health by 50-250.
Kills grant 10-50% Movement Speed for 4s.
Up in Smoke
Increase the Speed of Billow by 10-50%


Greetings, everyone !
I have been playing Paladins for long time and i came lately to understand why Zhin; The tyrant, is my best flank champion so far ! As we all know, the downfall of patch 2.4 is the big nerf of the duration of Billow and basically it drops from 4s to just 1.5s which makes it not only a very short duration to escape but you become an easier target for projectiles since leaving the billow makes you so vulnerable in the first moment with a short delay to actually do something! That been said Zhin was one of the first champs that I bought and I've played with for over 150 hours. In this guide, I just wanted to share my thoughts if he is still a viable pick after the nerf to his Billow.
From here i'll basically tell that Yomi Zhin is basically a damage champion with great agility! With this talent, heavy hits have no range limit and passes through enemies. With this nerf, Yomi becomes even more important to have as overextending and not having billow to retreat makes poking more viable. Just stand back and poke the damage and healer and dive deep when you are sure to get a kill. Yomi works wonders when the opposite team is camping together as it passes through enemies and can hit 2-3 enemies easily.
Counters : Tips/Items
Tanks : Inara [ Resilience ]
Off-Tanks : Ash [ Resilience-Blast Shield ] , Makoa [ Resilience-Haven ], Torvald [ Resilience-Wrecker ]
Damage Dealers : Bomb King [ Resilience-Blast Shield ], Cassie ( Situational )[ Resilience-Haven ], Drogoz [ Blast Shield ], Imani [Resilience-Blast Shield],Vivian [ Wrecker ]
Flankers : Buck [ Resilience-Haven-Cauterize ], Moji, Talus / PS : You really can't do a thing against moji and Talus so might as well don't try that match up
Supports : Furia , Grohk, Grover, Io ( From my recent en-counters ) // Resilience+Cauterize
General tips for Yomi Ultimate Uses 
A tank like Fernando or Khan has his shield up. Spite on them will force them to drop the shield and be a stationary target for your teammates to hit.
If u find the opposite healer alone, hit once with your left click and spite on them. This helps against healers like seris who can escape easily.
For vertical mobility - On maps like Serpant beach, spite is a great tool to reach high ground.
Escape - If whirl and billow both are down, shout(YAAA!) and escape!
Top Play - There's no logic here. As soon as I get a double, I look to spite and get a triple.
To summarise, Zhin was a strong pick and is still a strong pick. With this nerf, you just have to be a bit more careful when diving into the enemy backline as there is no 3-4 seconds billow to retreat if things don't go well. He is still really strong in the flank class and can really melt the opposite team when having a good game. Zhin's still got it!
If you have a question or anything you want to ask me, feel free to hmu on 
Steam : https://steamcommunity.com/profile/c9xwn
Discord : RIPAWN#2283
Paladins : RIPXWN
Have a good day!