Actually Abyss Spike the Talent Logo is wrong

by Countlessbugs
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Abyss Spike
Harpoon lodges into terrain and explodes when an enemy comes within 20 units, dealing 1000 damage in a 35-unit-radius area.
Dark Bargain
Heal for 50-250 every 1s while standing near a Shortcut.
Increase your maximum Health by 50-250.
Expansive Vault
Jump height is increased for your first jump within 1-5s after exiting a Shortcut.
Hangman's Ire
Gain a 150-750-Health Shield after dropping to or below 50% Health.
Hull Piercer
Reduce the Cooldown of Harpoon by 1.2-6s.


If you played a bit more Dredge you realise Scuttle doesnt really boost your damage as you hit more direct shots

Abyss Spike however does have the element of surprise 1k burst from time to time, and it does grants me a lot of free kills / eliminations. If you hit non-moving enemies you can even deal 1.8k, enough to 2 shot most pesky with another direct LMB.

Dr. EDGE is Good for tight maps like Ice Mines Frozen Guard Brightmarsh etc. For long ranged ones like Fish or against Drogoz use maybe Hurl. (Though why would you pick him in such occasions lol)

My essentials:

Hangman’s Ire - Max Shield on low HP feels like a MUST for me. Tried with 450 and it doesn’t really help too much. This extra 750 shield helps close range 1v1s a lot since you also do self damage in close detonations as well.

Then of course Hull Piercer - for Harpoon CDR. Didn’t max it for extra Shield, but you can still swap their levels if you want to.

Next is Dark Bargain - having a micro Jenos heal on portal is always nice. You can run higher levels if you want to, but lvl 3 feels just right for me.

These are optional:

Dreadnought - HP card. You want it on most blasters because of the self damage. Also because there is not much better cards to run with.

Expansive Vault - Jump after travelling through portal. Gets you to high ground (Anakin...) in dire situations. Sometimes that moments of vertical mobility may cleanse your Cauterize too.

Honourable mentions:

Sea Dogs: One of the actually not-as-bad cards down here. Actually usable for 2 Heal comp.

Blow the man down: Have seen some people running it at lvl4 in AS builds. I can’t say it’s useless as it helps you confirm the 1.8k damage more easily. But you have to aim at their feet if you are in long range. Kind of hard for me as I usually aim straight at their body. The 50% slow is often enough for me to get free body shots in close range.

Heave Away: In theory it makes sense as it gives CDR on Broadside hits. The problem is you should not really be using Broadside as much though. You probably just better off using LMBs instead. Instances you using this is Pointfight and Last Payload push during Overtime where your enemies must stick to the objective. Since you rarely use the skill, it’s kind of meme.

Crow’s Nest: It’s not like Demoman where you have time it and it doesn’t really give you that much jump as the PTS version, so...... More like a MEME.

Items wise Deft Hands 2 is still a must for me. Of course you would say if you got aim this is shit, but having no downtime on your Barrage is still nice. You can do the fast reload + LMB 1.7k combo too, and I actually hit these...... so......

Then there isn’t many BAD items for him... Like Caut is never bad; he got enough DPS to be a Wrecker; Nimble is great as he got no movement than the portal; same reason for Master Riding; Haven/Blast Shield is good as he is Tanky with Shield Card...... same reason for Resilience if they have lots of CCs.
You probably SHDNT get Chronos / Morale Boost though.