Aggressive Offtank

by simoconfa
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Battering Ram
Reduce your damage taken by 75% while using Shoulder Bash.
Shoulder Bash
Reduce the Cooldown of Shoulder Bash by 0.8-4s.
Shoulder Bash
Gain 10-50% Lifesteal.
Heavy Metal
Increase your maximum Health by 150-750.
Increase the Knockback distance of Kinetic Burst by 8-40%.
Kinetic Burst
Reduce your damage taken by 8-40% for 2s after using Shoulder Bash.
Shoulder Bash


I think Battering Ram is the best talent for offtanking aggressively. Slug Slot talent may be good in some cases but in most of cases explosion of the shot may be needed to damage/finish an enemy behind a wall in a safe way.
Play with your shield (on both sides) to push aggressively. Use your ult to stun enemies and, depending on the direction you face when you ult, you can control a little it's trajectory.

Some cards explanations:

  • Indomitable : This is a very important card since it allows you to push hard enemies and stay alive. I recommend 5/5. 5/5 is mandatory if you play with Jenos single healer;
  • Gate-Crasher : Since survivability is very important I would run this card at 5/5. Shoulder bash can be used also in an aggressive way if you are sure you can finish your enemy with it plus a shot, otherwise save it for retreating. I would recommend 5/5 also here;
  • Vanguard : Good card with this talent. I would recommend all points remained free to spend, in this case 3/5;
  • Heavy Metal : 150 health card is always good on tanks;
  • Percussion : decent point filler.

Ingame useful items:
Haven : Bro, you are a tank!
Resilience : Since you play very aggressively you can be often stunned/crippled/etc by enemies;
Blast Shields : Only if there is a powerful area damage enemy often on you;
Cauterize : Only if there is an enemy healer (that happens at 99%). In that case, it must be first choice;
Nimble : Not essential, but since it is cheap and Ash has not much mobility (if you want to save Shoulder Bash), may be an option;
Master Riding : Good in long maps or if you die often;
Morale Boost: Another good second option.