Atlas Off-Tank Carry

by TheGodzlayer_xX
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Deja vu
Setback becomes a lobbed explosive, capable of Rewinding multiple enemies.
Old Wounds
Increase your maximum Health by 150-750.
Phantom Pain
Reduce the Cooldown of Stasis Field by 1-5s after hitting an enemy with Setback.
Beyond The Veil
Passing through Stasis Field increases your allies' or your own Movement Speed by 7-35% for 3s.
Stasis Field
Infinity Engine
Your weapon doesn't consume Ammo for 1.6-8s after activating Stasis Field.
Stasis Field
Lost Legacy
Heal for 80-400 every 1s for 3s after activating Stasis Field.
Stasis Field


This is my most favourite loadout on Atlas as he's the champion I play the most, lately (lvl 40) and it's his best when trying to carry your team.

Card explanation:
Deja Vu: Setback is your main ability that controls the outcome of a battle, e.g to fully counter a burst heal, to catch a speedy flanker or prevent a slow frontline from reaching the objective. As a result, you want to be able to hit it easily, or hit multiple enemies at once to benefit bigger from it.

Old Wounds: I believe it's a neccessity, especially considering his low health pool, to help you be a little more sustainable.
Phantom Pain: This loadout centers around your Stasis Field, so being able to have it almost twice as often (with Chronos 2) is a must. Especially considering the Deja Vu talent, it's easy to hit your Setback projectile. You can also give this card 5 points if you don't like Beyond The Veil or Infinity Engine very much.
Beyond The Veil: A helpful card for you and your teammates, just make sure to let them know it gives the speed buff after going through it. How can this be helpful? You can chase enemies, get behind cover, or space out and toggle back and forth your shield quicker, making it super hard for enemies to hit you.
Infinity Engine: It gives you 2 extra shots and is very helpful to earn a killing blow, especially when rewinding an enemy who was trying to escape.
Lost Legacy: As we've said, your goal is to carry your team and your healer as well, so make their life easier with some self-healing. Also, it can help you protect yourself when going solo to space out the map (your main goal as an off-tank).

Loadout tips:
A great combo to recycle your abilities is: Stasis Field, wait for it to finish, Setback at least one enemy, Second Chance when about to die and again Stasis Field. It's like a Terminus Ult! (without dealing damage, ofc) Chronos 2 can make this combo way more powerful.
Also, another combo is setting back a burst healed enemy, but immidiately charging your weapon and shooting them after they are rewounded. To give you numbers, if they were healed for 900 health, it's like you dealing 900 + 840 = 1740 damage to them (not even to mention 2160 on a headshot).

Atlas might be the champion that requires the highest iq to master (at least that makes me feel well lmao) and a right loadout and awareness should help you carry your team to victory! I believe that this loadout and guide delivers these two.