Atlas Off-Tank

by FibreOpticBrick
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Deja vu
Setback becomes a lobbed explosive, capable of rewinding multiple enemies.
Reduce the Cooldown of Second Chance by 0.5-2.5s.
Second Chance
Phantom Pain
Gain 10-50% Lifesteal against enemies hit by Setback for 5s.
Lost Legacy
Activating Stasis Field heals you 80-400 Health per second for 3s.
Stasis Field
Old Wounds
Increase your base maximum Health by 150-750.
Hell Hunter
Hitting fully charged weapon shots restores 1-5 ammo.


This deck is to help Atlas harass enemies trying to get on to the point. Atlas himself isn't much of a point tank so he gets his credits by shutting down enemy approaches. This guide will run you through why each card is where it is, what items to buy and how to use Atlas with this loadout.


Deja Vu - In my opinion, this is Atlas' strongest Talent. With this, he can rewind multiple enemies in an area instead of the normal one. This Talent can also splash on a wall to hit enemies behind shields.

Paradox - Atlas' only cooldown reduction card, this drops the cooldown to 16 seconds. Second Chance is an extremely strong escape ability, so any way to get the ability up more often is a boon. I have this at 4 but you can max it for a little less health regen or lifesteal.

Phantom Pain - Enemies rewound in time are still dangerous to you, so what's a bit of extra stability in getting that kill? This helps you secure a kill in 1v1 or perhaps 2v1 if either are injured already. I have this at 4 as I think max is a little unnecessary.

Lost Legacy - Stasis Field already completely nullifies any projectiles sent your way, so there is no chance of getting hit by Cauterize if placed right. This should mean that you get a nice 980 HP heal at level 4, 1200 at max. This coupled with nearly any healing whatsoever will make sure you're back to full in safety. This can be maxed for a little less lifesteal.

Old Wounds - More HP is never not needed. Atlas is one of the lowest HP tanks, 2nd only to Barik. Atlas himself doesn't have a low cooldown shield like Barik, so more HP is definitely important for him. I have it at 2 as that allows me to survive most ult or team attack situations. Howeverm for a more defensive build, more levels can be put into Old Wounds.

Hell Hunter - Atlas is great at poking tanks from range. Since his weapon has the best damage from mid to long range, it's extremely easy to poke tanks and damages from afar with relative safety. Hell Hunter allows Atlas to keep firing these poking shots without needing to reload, so if a flanker appears to attack your support, you have a full magazine to deal with them.

Red Items

Don't buy Deft Hands, there is no need. In terms of the other 3, it is up to what the team needs. If there is a strong healing presence on the enemy team, Cauterize. If there is a lot of shielding going on (i.e Torvald), buy Wrecker. If there are a lot of deployables that are making life annoying (Io's Guardian Spirit, Inara's Warder's Field, Barik's Turrets), buy Bulldozer.

Green Items

Unless you somehow aren't getting shot at all, don't get Veteran. Rejuvenate is always a great pick, as you can possibly out heal level 1 Caut in the first round, or if your healer isn't as strong as most. Life Rip is more for the damage class, but if you are confident in landing charged shots, you could buy this. Kill to Heal is a decent option as you could be involved in a lot of eliminations, but you will most likely be the primary focus of your healer. I recommend Rejuvenate.

Blue Items

Haven and Blast Shields if there is a lot of damage of either type. However, I highly recommend Resilience. Damage reduction is great, but that won't particularly help when under a stun. Atlas can Second Chance out a lot of Crowd Control but that ability is on a long cooldown. Resilience helps out Atlas by allowing him to escape a bit better. Illuminate if none of your DPS has picked it against Skye.

Yellow Items

It may seem tempting but I don't think buying Chronos is worth it. It does lower your cooldowns by quite a bit but it is very expensive compared to Resilience or Master Riding. I prefer Master Riding in terms of yellow items because it allows you to get to the front lines much much faster. This is more important than cooldown reduction imo. Nimble and Morale Boost are niche picks that could be worth it in some situations, but I personally think Master Riding is your best bet.

I would recommend the buying order as: Blue, Green/Red, Yellow


Atlas can be an aggressive off tank with the power and ability to harass enemy pushes and escape unscathed. Poking from range is great when pushing a payload or retreating alike. A neat trick I like to use is rewinding tanks that go directly to the point from spawn, as it dismounts them and places them much further back than normal.

Hope this helps ^^