Backline Consistent Damage

by AmazingGabriel16
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Burst Mode
Switch your rifle to Three-Shot-Burst mode, increasing your effective range and firing three 220-damage shots every 0.4s.
Gain 8-40% Lifesteal while using Iron Sights.
Iron Sights
Reduce the time it takes to bring up Iron Sights by 15-75%.
Iron Sights
Firing Stance
Increase your Movement Speed by 10-50% while using Iron Sights.
Iron Sights
Speed Load
Generate 7-35 Ammo after getting a Killing Blow or Elimination.
Reduce your weapon recoil by 20-100% while using Iron Sights.
Iron Sights


This Viktor build is used to create a backline Viktor with self-healing and consistent damage providing support to the point tank or defending other teammates.

To use this loadout, all you need to do is go into the backlines (behind your tank) and start firing at targets.

Your Predator card will ensure that any enemies that attack you will not be able to kill you if you cover yourself from enemy fire from time to time only getting out to deal good damage with the Burst Mode talent.

Reflexes card there so you can quickly aim down your sights and remove any enemies in your way with Firing Stance to ensure that you're not a sitting duck and have some level of mobility.

The Speed Load card is there to help with the consistent damage, with it you will be able to always shoot after killing soft targets and therefore will not likely need the reloading card from the game store to compensate.

Compensator is there to make sure all your shots land nicely, especially when shooting air targets.