Barik Pointank/Offtank

by simoconfa
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Increase the damage of your Turrets by 20% and reduce their Cooldown by 2s.
Heal for 50-250 every 1s for 3s after activating Rocket Boots.
Rocket Boots
Reset the Cooldown of Rocket Boots after falling to or below 10-50% Health.
Healing Station
Heal for 25-125 every 1s while standing near your Turret.
Brave and Bold
Increase your maximum Health by 150-750.
Combat Repair
Heal your Turret for 100-500 every 1s while you are standing near it.


Hi guys,
unlucky the health has been nerfed back but Barik is still good (but not broken anymore).
I will spend some words because I have seen strange built for tanking. This guide aims to do some clarification. I will propose a built for pointTanking and offtanking. but do not copy blindly! Personally I use different builds with Barik depending on the composition. It can be used as point tank option if there aren' t cripple counters.
I prefer Architectonics talent because in my opinion is better than Fortify. Fortify may be in some cases better if your enemies have high damage and low mobility or in maps like Ice Mines or if your team knows how to use the space created by your shield. For sure choose Architectonics if in your build you have high values on Healing Station and Field Deploy cards.
The 1 second Architectonics nerf is not so relevant in the build below.

Some cards explanations:

  •    Double-Time : This is the key of the build, and even after nerfs it is still good in concurrently with Failsafe.
  •    Failsafe : life safer: you may have 2 rocket boots in a row to escape from enemies. I suggest 3/5, 1/5 is not enough, 2/5 is risky;
  •    Healing Station : Place a turret in a safe place near the objective and keep closing without standing, protect your turret with you body, and when you pick too much   damage switch back turrets (this is a good approach if you are playing as a point tank). If you are playing off tank place it behind a corner. I know it is not much but we need a bit of sustain. We can also use Field Deploy instead ;
  •    Combat Repair : since you stand always near turrets, why not repair them? They are often damaged indirectly by area damage (Turrets life is 1000); If an enemy targets it (unless you have 5/5 here) the turret will be destroyed, but if the enemy does not focus it, or there are no enemies around you can try repair and meanwhile self healing. A minimum of 1/5 is needed here. This card is mandatory as a point tank;
  •     Bowling Ball : DO NOT USE THIS CARD, it is stupid. I explain why. This card give you a temporary shield (which is wrecker sensible) and when it disappears, life given by the shield will go away. Use instead Brave and Bold which gives the same PERMANENT value and it is not wreckable. If you really want to run it, run a minimum of 4/5 but you don't have that budget (unless you sacrifice all your turrets sustain).

Field Deploy 2/5 instead of Healing Station. Since Healing Station works only ONCE even if you have 2 turrets, use can Field Deploy instead. If you still want to run Healing Station ensure that your turret don't get easily destroyed;

Ingame useful items:
Haven : Bro, you are a tank!
Blast Shields : Only if there is a powerful area damage enemy often on you;
Cauterize : Only if there is an enemy healer. In that case, if you are offtank must be first choice;
Rejuvenate : It depends from the type of the healer you have. Since it is cheap I usually pick it when I saw a good healer that does not heal much like Corvus/Grover/Jenos. Suggested if you have 2 healers in squad (even late game). We have to remember the more a healer spend healing resources on you the less other allies can have. Moreover, it is a way to counter cauterize;
Master Riding : Good in long maps or if you die often.
Bulldozer: Since it is cheap, it may be uselfull against Luna if Io is using Life link talent or against a cripple Inara. Since Luna is cauterizable I suggest to pick it after maxing out cauterize. Effective only at level 3. Do not pick if someone in your party already picked it.