Barik Tank Siege [GUIDE]

by simoconfa
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Increase the damage of your Turrets by 20% and reduce their Cooldown by 3s.
Healing Station
Heal for 45-225 every 1s while standing near your Turret.
Combat Repair
Heal your Turret for 100-500 every 1s while you are standing near it.
Field Deploy
Reduce the Deploy Time of your Turret by 0.6-3s.
Bowling Ball
Gain a 300-1500-Health Shield after activating Rocket Boots that persists for 3s after Rocket Boots ends.
Rocket Boots
Reset the Cooldown of Rocket Boots after falling to or below 10-50% Health.


I will spend some words because for some people it would be a strange built for tanking.
In my opinion actually a Fortify Barik version is unbalanced and is too weak for tank, so why not bet all on turrets (Architectonics)?

  •     Healing Station 5/5 : It is the key of the built, place a turret in a safe place near the objective and keep closing without standing;
  •     Combat Repair 3/5: since you stand always near turrets, why not repair them? They are often damaged indirectly by area damage (Turrets life is 600, in 2 seconds you repair one);
  •     Field Deploy 3/5: So you can (quite) always have 2 turrets for a double talents proc. With this plus Architectonics, Kronos is not more needed;
  •     Bowling Ball 2/5: If you remain alone it is good for escaping or in 1vs1 to dodge and Gain some life (1 is not enough you are often killed);
  •     Failsafe 2/5: life safer (If you don't like this "rabbit" philosophy you can choose Brave and Bold).

Ingame useful perks:
Haven : Bro, you are a tank!
Blast Shields : Only if there is area damage enemy;
Cauterize : Only if there is an enemy healer;
Life Rip : Don't trust healers! Turrets healing + shot heals + healer heals;
Rejuvenate : Trust healers! Useful if you have 2 healers in squad or a very powerful healer;
Master Riding :  If you are crazy like me and you want to be the first in the capture area (only 1, not more), select it 2 seconds before starting for surprise effect.

Note: This built is not for deathmatch!
Note2: Don't copy blindly a built without thinking and (most important) trying it.