Basic DPS

by TheGodzlayer_xX
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Asymmetric Warfare
Distortion Field now damages enemies for 125 every .5s for the duration of Distortion Field and heals allies for 75 every .5 seconds while inside of the field.
Determined Defense
Increase your maximum Health by 50-250.
Air Supremacy
Reduce damage your taken by 5-25% for 2.5s after activating Commanding Leap.
Getting Jumpy
Reset the Cooldown of Commanding Leap after dropping to or below 10-50% Health.
Snap To It
Reduce the time it takes to bring up Designated Sights by 10-50%.
Increase your maximum Ammo by 2-10.


Octavia is very strong on medium range but is very vulnerable to flanks. That's why i think asymmetric warfare is her best talent, because a dome helps her win a fight against a flank pushing her, while giving her an extra damage source besides her gun and her ultimate.
First things first, we have Getting Jumpy IV so we can double leap on a fight against a flank.
This card also synergizes with Air Supremacy, ensuring that we dont get easily killed while mid air.
Determined Defense is a very basic card to help our survivability.
Snap To It is a personal preference card, because i think the time that it takes to bring up designated sights is too long.
Lastly, Interdiction is an amazing filler card, since it increases your ammo capacity by 17%.

Overall, try not to use your leap too early, because you become a very easy target for mobile flanks like andro or evie, even buck.