Billow AoE Zhin [Updated]

by SneakyyHobo
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Heal for 33% of your maximum Health per second during Billow.
Billow reduces the cooldown of Whirl by 1-5s.
Wild Fire
Reduce the cooldown of Whirl by 0.5-2.5s for every enemy hit.
Up in Smoke
Increase the Speed of Billow by 10-50%
Fan the Flames
Kills reduce the cooldown of Billow by 20-100%
Blade Dance
Increase the distance of Whirl by 10-50%


Pretty cool build and makes Zhin a complete nuisance.

The concept of the build is to opt for two playstyles, 1v1 Duels on flanks. Or, Teamfight enabler.

Billow is actually so damn strong and should be one of the focuses for Zhin, it enables you to be aggressive, defensive and reposition if needed. Hideout is great, it reduces our Billow by 5s while we are in it. During this time we will be healing 33% of our maximum HP making us naturally tanky and durable with longer fights.

Whirl is our main damage source here, and we are going to abuse it with billow. In a team fight, we are ALLOWED to whirl into 4 of them and whirl again, for insane AoE damage. During the initial whirl we can Billow to reduce Whirl further to make it possible to hit 3 - 4 Whirls in a team fight. Doing this also is an advantage for Zhin, since the only mobility we really have is whirl. Our stim that grans movement speed and wall climb isn't really needed much unless pushing forward into a new location.

The way the build works as follows for more 1v1 duels. You want to left click onto someone from a flank per usual, use whirl to close the gap and immediately counter the CC or Spell the target generally uses in a panic. Follow up with a left click and then analyze the situation. The target is low keep on him and finish him, utilize billow to have the HP advantage and reduce your whirl for an execute, if he has been pocketed you billow outta there and search for a new opportunity.



Updated a newer loadout, no level 5 needed, works the same as prior.





Hope you guys enjoy this build, and any suggestions for updates I can happily add. This build I am currently tweaking and updating so keep in touch to see any updates.