BOOM U'R ENEMY! | Completed Guide.

by BlackCrow95
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Mercy Kill I
Nade Launcher deals up to 85-130% additional damage based on the target's missing Health.
Nade Launcher
Turn The Table
Heal for {scale=25|25} after hitting an enemy with Nade Launcher.
Nade Launcher
Reduce the cooldown of Nade Launcher by 0.25-2.5s.
Nade Launcher
Primal Might
Getting an elimination reduces all active cooldowns by {scale=5|5}%.
Quick Release
Gain 5-50% reload speed for 3s after using Nade Launcher.
Nade Launcher
Reduce the cooldown of Fire Bomb by 0.5-5s.
Fire Bomb


Hi guys!

BOOM U'R ENEMY: Is a deck focused on faster eliminations and high damage, since we can kill enemies missing half of life. [This, of course, if we have good aim].

  • Bandolier: We can use the grenade launcher faster.
  • Turn the table: We will heal by hitting the grenade launcher.
  • Quick Release: With this letter we can have a "quick hands" included, and look more at the cauterize. Use it when there are 5 bullets left to shoot.
  • Primal Might: Every time we kill someone it will reduce the CD of all abilities, but more importantly the grenade launcher.
  • Volatile: We can use our grenade much faster at the point, thus realizing the control we need.

- ⚜ -
What objects to buy?
Well, this is always variable, it depends on our enemies ...

On the defensive:

  • We will have to see if there are enemies that perform an excessive CM, if so, we can use -Lighting- | Example: Bomb King, Drogoz, Grover, Inara, Jenos, Makoa, Mal'Damba, Pip, Strix and Terminus.
  • If there are no players that perform CM we can use -Haven-.

In the utilities:

  • Generally we will use -Nimble- because we need that extra speed.
  • We do not usually use -Morale Boost- because our special ability usually loads fast.

In healing:

  • Usually we will use -Kill to heal- because with our bursts of bullets we make more eliminations and we can heal faster.
  • Other times we can use -Rejuvenate- that depends on the ability of the healer, you decide.

In the offensive:

  • Bulldozer: Will only serve against Inara, Ash and Barik (Turrets)
  • Cauterize: In this case, let's use it primarily to reduce to more than 100% the enemy's cure, this depends if the enemy team has healer or not.
  • Wrecker: Let's use it if the enemy has a Fernando, Torvald, Makoa or Barik (Shield) - (also breaks Vivian's shield).
  • Quick hands: as we already have Quick Release it will not be necessary.

- ⚜ -
Extra data:

  • Counter objects: Haven.
  • Champions counter: Makoa, Meave and Pip.
  • Tips for counters:
    • Makoa: The best time to throw the grenade is when Makoa uses his carapace shield, as this almost ensures his death.
    • Meave: If you use "Hunter's Mark" before she uses her special ability, you can see where she is.