Buck Net Trapper Class

by GreyWarden214
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Bucking Madness
Eliminations increase your attack speed by 20% for 10s.
Gain 12-60% lifesteal against targets you hit with Net Shot.
Net Shot
Reduce the cooldown of Net Shot by 1-5s.
Net Shot
Heal for 120-600 if you hit a champion with Heroic Leap.
Heroic Leap
Increase the duration of Net Shot by 0.3-1.5s.
Net Shot
Reduce the cooldown of Recovery by 1-5s.


Now according to my Paladins stats Buck is considered my 2nd best character with a KDA ratio of 2.54 (average is 1.5) so Buck excels as one of my best characters (with about 600 competitive kills) he knows what to do in situations, and if your good with Buck but don't have numbers like those then I introduce you to my very first Buck class I made for him, When I was firstly using Buck this was a deck I made that helped me out a lot and countered certain things, If you play as Buck you know you gotta be in and out before they can land a shot on ya, sure this deck isn't my favorite anymore or my best but this deck saw me through a lot of causal match's in my young prime as Buck. It works well against semi-experienced players and below, also this deck can't really kill Frontlines so if your in a 1v1 and your Buck and the enemy is a Frontline then you might wanna play it smart, not impossible but it probably will be hard.
I don't recommend this deck for competitive though since a lot of people in competitive or good against Buck or are well experience with him to know how to handle him. Now i'm not saying you should never use Buck its just that this deck was built to fight players that aren't professional. But who knows, this deck could work out great for you in a competitive game so give it a try and let me know what you think!