CC Flank Healer

by Anonymous
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Rend Soul Stuns enemies for 1.5s when they are afflicted with 4 Soul Charges.
Rend Soul
Dark Whisper
Increase your Movement Speed by 8-40% while Shadow Travel is active.
Shadow Travel
Reduce the Cooldown of Rend Soul by 0.4-2s.
Rend Soul
Umbral Gait
Your Movement Speed is increased by 8-40% while any enemy is marked with a Soul Orb stack.
Every Soul Orb stack you detonate increases your Movement Speed by 1-5% for 4s, up to a maximum of 15%.
Rend Soul
Reduce the Cooldown of Shadow Travel by 0.8-4s.
Shadow Travel


Objective: Use the speed of Shadow Travel to quickly hurt and immobilize multiple enemies at once and harass individual problem characters.

Strategy: At the start of the match make your way toward the objective, if multiple enemies are in the area Shadow Travel quickly behind them with fair distance between you and them, unload shots trying to get as many enemies with 4 stack and activate Rend Soul to Stun, immediately follow up with shots to get another 4 stack while moving toward cover which you hide for a second to run out the cooldown of Rend Soul, repeat the stack, stun, and run combo as needed. This will make it very hard for the enemy team to get an objective since you alone will nullify most or all of their team while your team is attacking.

After your initial CC sneak attack take the same advantage of players near each other and/or figure out the enemy player/players who seem to cause the most trouble for your team and do the sneak, stack, stun strategy non stop to them (remember to position yourself near a corner or structure to hide a sec to run out Rend Soul cooldown while the enemy comes to you).

Heal when you see fit. Main goal is CC and getting kills.

Spend Points on Reducing Cooldown of your abilities, speed, and life steal.