Classic Luminary

by simoconfa
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Allies affected by your Astral Mark deal 15% increased weapon damage.
Astral Mark
Astral Cycle
Increase the duration of Astral Mark by 0.4-2s.
Astral Mark
Reduce the Cooldown of Astral Mark by 0.4-2s.
Astral Mark
Increase the range of Astral Mark by 4-20%.
Astral Mark
Heal for 40-200 every 1s for 10s after applying Astral Mark.
Astral Mark
Heavenly Pull
Increase the range at which you can use Void Grip by 10-50%.
Void Grip


I would like to spend some words on Relativity.
This card on the default deck is a 3/5 but honestly I don't recommend that value. If a flank is on you, you cannot hope that you can survive only healing a player, at 90% you will be always dead. So, since that ability is needed but not used often I lowered that to 1/5.
I would like also to speak about Lightyears. After the nerf from a 10% base to 4% base, I am still investigating this card but range seems still a good choice. Playing without range is reasonable only for a Power Cosmium or Binary Star Jenos. We need to consider also that Jenos is one of the weakest damage (when he is luminary). Moreover Jenos is generally used in an aggressive/high dmg team so he cannot afford to push hard together with team. Actually, I would use the build above only in very short maps only if you are single healer. Anyway in this patch I would recommend playing Jenos with another healer.

Lightyears 4/5 and Astral Cycle 4/5 to have some more range. This build is the one I would run in most of single healer situations.
Lightyears 5/5 and Astral Cycle 3/5 if you are running double support (a dmg Ying for example) or if you are obliged to heal as a single healer in a long map.