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by McPetey(PSN)
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Display of Force
Enemies are rooted in place when they are hit by the pre fire beam and the Creeping Barrage deals 1450 damage.
New Boots
Reduce the Movement Speed penalty of Designated Sights by 20-100%.
Fire and Maneuver
Increase your Movement Speed by 6-30% for 2.5s after getting a Killing Blow or Elimination.
Overwhelming Force
Generate 2-10% Ultimate charge after getting Killing Blow or Elimination while Designated Sights is active.
Snap To It
Reduce the time it takes to bring up Designated Sights by 10-50%.
Increase your maximum Ammo by 2-10.


Before we get into the cards and how they work together let’s talk about the best part of the champion’s kit; her passive abilities.

1. 10% CDR for your whole team- this is useful but only when you are on a team that you know will benefit from it, high CC teams work well with this.

2. 100 credits for your team every 6 champions eliminated by your team- this is really nice if your team manages only 30 kills in one game this is already paying 500 credits to every teammate. Shifting the item economy into your favor in a massive way. However this only helps when you are already performing well as a team.

3. Your team receives a 575 shield every respawn- At first this seems like a rather dull passive, and it is, but you should expect 30 to 40k shielding every siege game with this, and when this is provided regardless of talent and cards. Which in my humble opinion makes it rather powerful overall. It also is a great way to prolong defenses in tough matches.

4. Your team gains 15% ult charge rate for the entire match- playing this with Tiberius and Seris on your team guarantees insane combos. Seriously just try my load out with this you can ult far too often.... due to loadout cards that gen ults, and morale boost this is another passive that is bound to be nerfed soon. This is one of the most popular although I believe that is not always the best choice, is it very strong.

Now that we got through that, this is one of the easiest valorant I mean paladins characters yet.

The biggest drawback to playing octavia is her lack of overall mobility while your leap is down, using New Boots to take away the 50% speed reduction while ADS fixes this for me. And adding Fire and Maneuver for the movement speed burst after eliminations helps to also chain kills easily.

Overwhelming force combos really nicely with the extra damage on the ult , and now that it roots enemies you will find cleaning up after your ult is much easier with the extra speed as well. The passive also helps this style out, but you should still way other options first.

Snap to it and interdiction are cards that are in the loadout just to help with DPS output, and although they are filler I have a hard time finding cards that fit any better.

Happy hunting commander’s!