Constant Heals - 100k+

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Combat Medic
Potion Launcher also Heals allies hit for 750 and your Potion Launcher fire rate is increased by 10%. You no longer take damage from your weapon shots.
Heal yourself for 20-100% of Healing Potion's effect if you hit an ally but not yourself.
Healing Potion
Medicinal Excellence
Increase the radius of Healing Potion by 8-40%.
Healing Potion
Pep in the Step
Allies hit by Healing Potion have their Movement Speed increased by 6-30% for 3s.
Healing Potion
Reduce the Cooldown of Healing Potion by 0.6-3s for each ally it hits.
Healing Potion
Generate 1-5 Ammo for each enemy hit by Explosive Flask.
Explosive Flask


The main idea is to synergize your weapon shots' healing with your potion usage in order to keep your allies topped off. Basically, your main source of healing will be your primary weapon while use potion to cover allies that aren't in direct line of sight (Potion healing goes through walls for example) or to ensure your own sustain. You're free to also use the potion(s) in instances where allies have a small window of not being affected by Anti-Heals, leading to good burst heals alongside your weapon shots' healing.

Main items to use:
-Deft Hands (Faster reload helps given your main source to heal will your primary.)
-Haven / Resilience (Given you'll be playing support, it's good to have these items to ensure your survival if you get ambushed.)
-Chronos (Not mandatory if you're good at managing your cooldowns, but it does help ensure faster potions and more usage of your movement ability.)
-Nimble / Veteran (These aren't a must pick in my eyes but they are still good if you need either a good boost to your movement or more bulk to survive fights that would otherwise be fatal for you.)