Crazy Cat Lady Waifu 2000 S++ Deluxe

by xxx_swagkid_xxx69
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Rogue's Gambit
Eliminations reset the Cooldown of Pounce, and Pounce deals 10% more damage.
Sixth Sense
Gain 5-25% Damage reduction for 2s after using Pounce.
You cannot be slowed below 60-100% of your base movement speed.
Fight or Flight
Gain 10-50% Movement Speed for 2s when you activate Nine Lives.
Nine Lives
Scar Tissue
Gain 5-25% Damage Reduction for 2s after using Nine Lives.
Nine Lives
Gain 10-50% increased Movement Speed when out of combat.


If you wanna get autism just use this deck trust me
Buy Master Riding if you want cancer too

Sixth Sense 5 looks like eyes and I like eyes because it looks like my cat that got smashed by a cat yesterday so your cat will resist the truck (Ruckus)
Peristence 3 because I'm fat but I can't really get any slower (like barik)
Fight or Flight 2 if your mom catches doing naughty stuff alone in your room (just use private navigation, man (Pro Tips: Trust me ok))
Scar Tissue 4 Because the card looks like that damn truck driver that run over my cat so you won't be cut in half like bobby (it's my cat*)
Featherlite 1 I take this card because there is a lot of cats on it and because in real life I took an oath with satan and swore that all Bobby's nine lives will kill that truck driver in their sleep (See card 4) and also make that truck's tire go flatter than Maeve's chest

I dunno mate, I just wrote this deck because Bobby is dead lol gtfo kid 1v1 me**

1 upvote = 1 pray for Bobby

*: was