Death Defier [The Flanking Grohk]

by Gboiie
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When you take lethal damage Ghost Walk activates and heals you for 15% of your maximum Health.
Increase the duration of Ghost Walk by 0.3-1.5s.
Ghost Walk
Reduces the cooldown of Ghost Walk by 0.6-3s.
Ghost Walk
Totemic Rescue
Dropping below 30% of your max Health grants you a 200-1000 Health Shield for 4s.
Shamanic Might
Increase your base maximum Health by 100-500.
Astral Traveler
Gain 25-125% additional Movement Speed during Ghost Walk.
Ghost Walk


"Being strucked by lightning once is usually more than enough to kill someone, but after a dozens of strikes, Grohk was still standing" - Grohk Lore

   Grohk is one of the strong champions in the realm if you see his potential; and here I am to share my knowledge with you all. Did you know that you can use grohk as a flank and can defy death itself? After you read this guide, you will know.

         All you have to do is go there and flank, slow 'em down with shock pulse. Just control your lightning staff or it might overcharge. When your staff is almost at limit just pause in attacking and let it charge first for a moment.

And here's when the fun part begins:

  • Wraith automatically cast Ghost Walk when you are at the brink of death and heals you for 15% of your maximum health. Thus, be not afraid to go on face to face with an enemy. You have the higher chance to kill him/her.
  • Phantom V let's you on a ghost walk for another 1.5s. While Wraith is activated you can use the time of Ghost Walk to use your Totemic Ward and recover for a moment.
  • Haunting III reduces the time (1.8s)  it takes for ghost walk to cooldown. So that you can instantly cast it when you are doubting that the Wraith might be on cooldown yet. (Always doubt, this will save your life)
  • Totemic Rescue III creates you a 600 health shields when you dropped below 30% of your max Health. I repeat, there is nothing to be afraid of when flanking. You got your skills and your cards
  • Shamanic Might II increases your base max health by 200, thereupon you have much heath reserve when facing an enemy.
  • Astral Traveler II grants you 50% movement speed during ghost walk. You can outrun your enemy to heal for a moment then return to that enemy again when you have enough resource.

Here is what to buy with Grohk.

  1. Go on max level Cauterize
  2. Chronos
  3. Haven
  4. Veteran or Life Rip

[SPECIAL TIP] Always go for a Ghost Walk if you are on low health level and currently facing an enemy. Think of a Fast recovery so that you can counter attack your enemy.


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