Deja Vu Atlas

by Countlessbugs
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Deja vu
Setback becomes a lobbed explosive, capable of Rewinding multiple enemies.
Steady Arm
Generate 1-5 Ammo after hitting an enemy with Setback.
Hell Hunter
Generate 1-5 Ammo after hitting a fully-charged weapon shot.
Lost Legacy
Heal for 80-400 every 1s for 3s after activating Stasis Field.
Stasis Field
Old Wounds
Increase your maximum Health by 150-750.
Phantom Pain
Reduce the Cooldown of Stasis Field by 1-5s after hitting an enemy with Setback.


Atlas got great buffs! I really like to use him against big heads like Makoa / Barik. Imagine that on Ice Mines and you are constantly ticking their heads. Orgasm.

Phantom Pain 5 almost like a MUST with Deja Vu. You can get that Stasis Field CD off from 14s to 4s if you happen to hit 2 enemies with the Setback. With that you can shield a choke point with very low CD, and the shield is F##KING UNDESTROYABLE. You can block lots of damage and even Ultimates like Raum / Ruckus / Lian. Having a counter to ultimates at low CD is very nice.

Then since we are spamming the Stasis Field if we happen to not miss that much Setbacks, we can find more value with the Field with Lost Legacy 4. Since we are only having such a small area shield, I would prefer running self-heal over Beyond the Veil, since you can't benefit your teammates as much with it anyways. The shield gives 320 x 3 = 960 Self Heal in total. Come to think about it, it is just like a Double Time on Barik.

Then of course you need some Maximum HP to allow you absorb more damage before using Second Chance. Although I would still hope for more HP, I can only get it up to Level 3. I would actually run Hell Hunter at level 2 instead of 1. Atlas' shots are very powerful and having constant ammo can help you to confirm kills. At level 2 you can shoot much longer before having to reload. Exchanging 150 HP for a kill, sounds worthy for me.

Steady Arm 1 is also good for a Deja Vu Atlas, as now it is much easier to land Setbacks in longer ranges to make this card worthwhile, coupled with the fact that you can proc the card multiple times if you hit multiple enemies.

Reason that I don't run Paradox is because its value is so shit compared to its other cards. Think of Fernando with his Towering Barrier 5 giving 4s off of a 12s Cooldown Shield which is 33%, Paradox only gives 2.5s off of his 18s cooldown Second Chance, which is just 13.88%. Imagine spending 5 points on this. I would rather just buy Chronos.

Yeah, buy Chronos! You are gonna buy Chronos anyways with Atlas. All his cool downs are Long af and you can really get great value out of them. With Chronos 3 lowering Stasis Field CD from 14s to 9.8s and hitting 2 Targets with Setback you are INSTANTLY RESETTING its Cool Down. Now you also get 12.6s CD on Second Chance and 7s on Setback too.

With this build you are gonna annoy the most of targets without ethereal escape nor shields like Raum, Tyra, Ruckus and so on. I would say Temporal Divide Atlas kind of struggles with Shielding stuffs like Fernando and Khan. BUT NOW YOU GOT DEJA VU. So just shoot the Setback above their heads in tight rooms like Jaguar Falls, or shoot at their back to get them off of their Shields. I would say Vivian is still a big counter for him though, since she got a personal shield you really need to aim at her feet to deal damage or your recoil will shoot all your pellets up. On top of that she is fast af and hard to shoot. Seriously though, there isn't really a Tank that handles Vivian well, basically a Off-tank killer.