Double Support Comp DPS

by Countlessbugs
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Soul Collector
Each Soul Charge you detonate with Rend Soul increases your maximum Health and weapon damage by 2% until you die. Stacks up to 15 times.
Rend Soul
Blood Pact
Heal for 70-350 every 1s while channeling Restore Soul.
Restore Soul
Dark Sight
Every Soul Charge you detonate generates 1-5 Ammo.
Rend Soul
Fade to Black
Reduce the Cooldown of Shadow Travel by 0.8-4s after activating Restore Soul.
Restore Soul
Spirit Leech
Regenerate 2-10 Ammo every 1s while channeling Restore Soul.
Restore Soul
Umbral Gait
Your Movement Speed is increased by 8-40% while any enemy is marked with a Soul Orb stack.


Seris is like a damage / Main Support if you play Soul Collector in 2 Supp 2 Tank 1 DPS comp. Of course it is recommended when you have 2 support, otherwise there wouldn’t be enough healing being the solo healer unless you go the super-boring heal bot loadout. (Or you are skilled)

Basically most Seris builds has Blood Pact and Fade to Black for the sustain and escape. I run these at quite high levels. And there is Umbral Gait 5 for maximum movement speed. You are supposed to attack with Seris in this comp, so having the speed to outplay your enemies is essential.

As a SC Seris keeping your ammo full is important. Spirit Leech 1 helps me replenish some of them when I am healing. Your heal is like 1.5s cooldown only. Why don’t you take advantage of that?

Another 1 is Dark Sight 2. While most people may run Veil instead of this card, I like this one more as it allows you to duel better. You wouldn’t really want to reload when you have like an enemy locked down. Click the Q and get 2 - 8 more ammo for the cleaning-up. It is even more satisfying when you ult a group of enemies and actually have enough ammo to finish them off by yourself.

Items wise you need Cauterize since you are not having that much burst damage compared to others. Then I run Chronos as well — not for the Heal CDR but the Q and F. You need the Detonate for HP/DPS increase after all. Morale is also nice - especially after good ultra, you can often get 30% back after having a 3-man-caught ultimate. Others are situational for me. Some may say nimble, but since you are spamming LMB you should get the Umbral Gait bonus quite often that diminishing returns makes your item not as effective. Wouldn’t be terrible if you run it though.