Double Support Healing / Damage Seris

by Countlessbugs
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Soul Collector
Each Soul Charge you detonate with Rend Soul increases your maximum Health and weapon damage by 2% until you die. Stacks up to 15 times.
Rend Soul
Blood Pact
Heal for 70-350 every 1s while channeling Restore Soul.
Restore Soul
Fade to Black
Reduce the Cooldown of Shadow Travel by 0.8-4s after activating Restore Soul.
Restore Soul
Spirit Leech
Regenerate 2-10 Ammo every 1s while channeling Restore Soul.
Restore Soul
Umbral Gait
Your Movement Speed is increased by 8-40% while any enemy is marked with a Soul Orb stack.
Reduce the cast time of Shadow Travel by 10-50%.
Shadow Travel


Double Support is now the Meta, but in my opinion it would be when both healers are really healing. (I don't really think Pip is a healer when he plays Catalyst. Even Torvald > Pip for Pips mostly just heal themselves, and not viable to throw Potion on teammates too. Grohk is better with double totems and his ultimate. I think in terms of healing output as off-support only Mal'damba / Grover can be on-par with ). This deck is made so that you can constantly be spamming the Soul Orbs while the heal is on Cooldown.

Umbral Gait at 5 is a must and everyone knows it. Then Veil 3 is ARGUABLY a must too (I have run a no Veil deck and feels bad when getting focused, Level 3 feels just right). Then unlike other decks who go on reducing Rend Soul Cooldown I would invest points on Restore Soul Cards.

I mean, the ability itself is JUST 1.5s. You get 12 ammo out of your 14 maximum ammo back during this 1.5s with Spirit Leech 2 (yup 2 not 1, it is not that overkill). On top of that you heal yourself 210 per second and reduce CD on your ethereal escape. All that just every 1.5s. Pretty nasty for me.

I still buy Chronos on her after maybe Caut 2 or even not buying Caut early if my teammates got it. It is not just about the Heal CD, but more importantly the escape and Rend Soul. You are much more tankier and can escape better with Chronos, and not dying is always nice.

I honestly think Seris + Jenos / Corvus is the go-to Double Support in most comps. You get bursty heals from Seris to save critically low teammates, constant annoyance balls to spam the chokepoints and game changing ultimates, while Jenos / Corvus can provide damage boost / liferip and healing through walls and beyond distances. These healers have high DPS too. Imagine playing flankers and having a pocket + timely Seris heals when you only get <500 Hp left. Pure Orgasm.