DPS Shout Booster

by Reidfira
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Firing Line
Champions affected by Battle Shout now also deal 20% increased damage and gain CC immunity for 4s.
Hold the Line!
Heal yourself for an additional 60-300 when activating Battle Shout.
Never Surrender!
Reduce the cooldown of Battle Shout by 1-5s.
Close and Personal
Gain 8-40% damage reduction for 2s when hitting an enemy with Commander's Grab.
Gain 150-750 Health.
Eliminations reduce your active Cooldowns by 8-40%.


The purpose of this build is to be able to sustain DPS while staying alive and boosting your allies HP and DPS. Just stay on cap point with healer and riflers and make tons of DPS and when things gets hot and you see few teammates at low HP... just shout to heal yourself and everyone around you for 1240 hp and give them a 20 % DPS buff and immunity to CC for 4s and watch the other team melt. It is way easier to hold capture points since you can heal as well. Its crazy how game changing this spell can be and how it literally turns everything around. The items you should use are : Haven, Chronos, Rejuvenate and Cauterize. Since this hero is very good at finishing targets, the card "Lifetaker" will help you a lot for your shout and your ult since your whole cooldowns drops by 8% every time you participate to a kill or kill an enemy. This build can easily solo most of riflers and flankers. I did many times 60k + dmg with this build. Be the leader.... Be the winner.