Dragon Burst

by Arny
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Dragon Fangs
Dragon Stance no longer consumes Energy, and instead consumes 200 Health per second. Requires at least 400 Health to initiate.
Dragon Stance
Guild Tactics
Kills with Skewer restore 200-1000 health.
Criminal Record
Gain 5-25% lifesteal while in Dragon Stance.
Dragon Stance
Swift Hands
Reduce the time to enter and exit Dragon Stance by 10-50%
Dragon Stance
Gale Storm
Kills with Skewer restore 10-50% energy.
Harsh Training
Increase your maximum Health by 50-250.


The idea behind this deck is to be able to quickly burst 2200 damage in a span of roughly two seconds.
1 - Lead in with SMGs for about half a second
2 - Switch into Dragon Stance, you are going to lose 220 health this way
3 - Use the claws twice, regenning 240 health
4 - Use skewer to finish off target and restore energy if you lost any health from enemy fire

I normally buy cauterize, then nimble, then just upgrade whatever you want. Koga doesn't any sort of outside healing because kills grant him enough sustain to keep moving. And you can get any kind of cards you want, it doesn't matter. I normally go for (blast shields/haven) depending on the enemy team. Then I get veteran if I have any leftover credits because while Koga gets sustain in battle, the chain gets broken when Koga gets too low on health. When you cannot combo, it gets hard to kill enemies, and then you cannot heal on your own. Have fun!