Eagle Sniper

by Psyqhical
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Eagle Eye
Headshots deal an additional 50% damage.
Beam Me Up
Increases the flight speed of Transporter by 10-50%
Heal for 10-50% of maximum health after teleporting to your Transporter beacon.
Increase your maximum Health by 50-250.
Open Season
Your attacks reveal enemies to you for 1-5s.
Sniper Mode
Increase your movement speed while scoped by 25-125%
Sniper Mode


All-round build useful for all types of Kinessa players.

Eagle Eye will make sure that most Support, Damage and Flankers die to one fully charged headshot and makes short work of tanks as well (most die after 3 fully charged headshot).

Beam Me Up IV and Restore IV are crucial if you want to stay alive when a flanker gets near you. Nothing is more frustrating than throwing you transponder only to have to wait 2 years before it reaches its destination, dieing in the process or when you just teleported.

Headstrong II and Restore IV synergise well together since Restore is percentage based healing and Headstrong adds to your maximum health. Without being cauterized, you should heal for about 880 health, more than enough to go into the offensive and counter the Flanker.

However, you CAN swap Headstrong for other cards like True Grit (if you want heals when shooting fully charged) or Lay In Wait (if you want passive heals when standing still).

Open Season III is mainly taken to see where Flankers are going or to annoy Strix's that are trying to counter-snipe you. Nothing is more annoying to a Strix than getting shot, going into stealth (thinking it will keep him save) and trying to counter-snipe only to get killed because you can still see him.

Beware of more experienced players though, they will often wait till Open Season ends to do their next move.

Prodigy II is mainly there for more freedom of movement when scoped in. A faster target is harder to hit.