.exe (+ Little Guide)

by d4RK
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Burn, Monster!
Fire Bomb deals 30% increased damage, Cripples enemies caught in it, and applies a 60% reduce healing effect.
Fire Bomb
Primal Might
Reduce your active Cooldowns by 10-50% after getting an Elimination.
Reduce the Cooldown of Fire Bomb by 0.6-3s.
Fire Bomb
Activating Fire Bomb heals you for 100-500 over 2s.
Fire Bomb
Reduce the Cooldown of Hunter’s Mark by 1-5s.
Hunter's Mark
In The Fray
Decrease your damage taken by 4-20% for 3s after using Nade Launcher.
Nade Launcher


It’s basically total attack. Tyra has many bullets in her magazine, so you will have many eliminations. So your Cooldowns will be reduced very often.
Try to shoot your Launcher into a large group of enemies, so all of them get damage and you can kill them all. Combine it with your Fire Bomb and Hunters Mark and you will destroy the opponent team. After 2 eliminations/kills your Cooldowns should be 0, so you can use the Launcher and the Grenade again.

What to buy?
You won’t need to buy CHRONOS first, so you should go for HAVEN (enemies w/ Single damage)/ BLAST SHIELDS (enemies w/splash damage) or CAUTERIZE. If the opponent team has 2+ DAMAGE CHAMPIONS, I would recommend you to go for one of the Shields.
If not, buy CAUTERIZE.

It’s also very important that you buy NIMBLE to make Tyra faster.

If the game goes on, you should buy KILL TO HELL or LIFE PIP