Flight of the Ult

by SmokinAces
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Display of Force
Enemies are rooted in place when they are hit by the pre fire beam and the Creeping Barrage deals 1450 damage.
Overwhelming Force
Generate 2-10% Ultimate charge after getting Killing Blow or Elimination while Designated Sights is active.
Snap To It
Reduce the time it takes to bring up Designated Sights by 10-50%.
Getting Jumpy
Reset the Cooldown of Commanding Leap after dropping to or below 10-50% Health.
Air Supremacy
Reduce damage your taken by 5-25% for 2.5s after activating Commanding Leap.
High Ground
Increase the jump strength of Octavia's Commanding Leap by 5-25%.


Low mobility make s her leap invaluable for escaping sticky situations as well as fast flanks. Slow fall while scoped is also a great for getting shots on enemies then dropping behind a wall or other obstacle. charge up your ult quickly by cleaning up enemies or assisting with kills.