Game changer.

by J3lueDeamon
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Turrets now deal 20% more damage, and have a 3s faster Cooldown.
Bowling Ball
Gain a Shield with 300-1500 Health during Rocket Boots and for 3s after.
Rocket Boots
Dropping below 10-50% of your max Health resets the cooldown of Rocket Boots.
Brave and Bold
Gain 150-750 Health.
One Man's Treasure
Eliminations reduce active cooldowns by 10-50%
Healing Station
Standing near your Turret heals you for 45-225 Health per second.


Do you play alone and your team mates are often the reason why you lose, ore you are one of the Teammates why i often lose. play him on that build. Barik have one of the lowest base HP of the Tanks with 3400 you realy need more. The Card Bowling ball help you two escape in every situation and if one time is not enough use again becouse of Failsafe. It looks like you should stay next to your Turrets but wrong. Place tham behind your healer position if you come in .Thay have a long distance and if a flank atack your boy you hear it and could turn arround .Other option .if the enemy team is down and group up place tham in front of an wall ore object which is between the enemy tank and healer position. so that the healer ore dmg can´t see/ distroy tham and the tanks gets Back shoots behind the shiel,so that thay have to show ther back.if thay wont to distroy your Turrets. If your Turrets stand at the Second Position and healer is down ore you loose to mutch HP escape with rocket Boots complete. If thay stand in position one use one time Boots go to yoursecond placed turret ond use your shield and take a seccond turret next to xyou to protect you. your live will rise so fast.