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Street Justice
Pounce deals 30% of the target’s missing health as bonus damage.
Take 6-30% less damage when below 40% health.
Gain 10-50% increased Movement Speed when out of combat.
Patch Up
Nine Lives now heals for 80-400.
Nine Lives
Walk it Off
Heal for 40-200 Health every second during Prowl.
Sixth Sense
Gain 6-30% Damage reduction for 3s after using Pounce.


street justice: is a must for finishing anyone

sixth sense + persistence : duel, keep alive (main card!!)

walk it off: you are not relying on the healer (prowl cd is lower than nine lives that's why we use this more than patch up to heal :D and you don't have waste nine lives refresh cd only for heal ), the math is higher with walk it off. lvl 3 -> 120 heal p second x 4 seconds (480) bigger than patch up lvl 5 (400) wowww :D so it is better version :D (but not instant ;P)
patch up: nice small heal, can be traded with max hp/savagery(heal after pounce), but patch up is good after some duel you need some hp back..
predation: for chasing, capturing objective, running, navigating around the map.. not rely on the prowl(prowl is too loud too)

i don't like heal after pounce, because you don't get healed if you do not successfully pounce them and after long time duel the enemy have stack caut on you, so the heal is not good.. just use heal on safe zone(walk it off).. but it depends on you.. you can trade patch up with savagery

item: kill to heal, nimble(for fighting heavy flank/damage), Chronos (enemy team is slow tank/more pounce), cauterize/wrecker, blue item(depends)
2.flanking (1v1):
pick support to kill/ or damage that separated from team/ or flank to help your support not to be killed,
don't rush, poke them, if you can manage to land 1 shot (400-800 dmg) 55% you will kill him/her, use pounce with full attention, use if their health 40% or less,
use nine live to prowl the second time, mostly they are gonna die
math scenario:
40% less -> 60% missing health -> street justice 30% x 60% = 18% from max health added to bonus damage wow -> remaining 12%(he will run, snipe with dagger or second pounce)
you don't need to count though, just see their health bar if less than 40 percent just pounce them, if you have a hard time landing dagger, use pounce in a higher percentage(but don't use it on 100%hp enemies) run and look for opportunity,
if they somehow can run, and group up use prowl to run and heal and reposition yourself, down your cooldown and refresh yourself like a new one.
3.opening (1vs?)
it is a scenario when u pushing or defending they are grouped,
and your team need an opening to push
just poke everyone, if you get sniped go back, if your teammate say kill strix or kinnessa, just don't do it if you can't, poke from afar, you are 1 vs 5, they are grouped up, you can be distracting for them, and buy their time, use prowl, nine live to heal, snipe2, once you see one enemy not doing okay you can pounce him.
as a Maeve you are the king of map, don't focus on killing one sniper or person .. stay alive and watch all your surrounding, Maeve can navigate easily around the map(predation is big helper along with nimble without waste prowl), jump and jump to see all areas, u can contribute to so many aspects (poking, opening, zoning, dismount, finishing), just don't be Maeve guy that run pounce prowl and stuck on their trap and die

they are gonna chase your team too, help them.. you are a powerful kitty girl with blade so your team can rely on you, maeve = flexibility, in many chase you will find your killing is not high but your k/d will be positive and contribution is high

4. first after spawn, u can go by yourself/ or with teammate, you have no problem dealing 1 v 2 flanker/dmage for far, you rely on sniper blade to poke them... if you can handle them at least buying their time, your team will get easier time they are 4 vs 3 ,.. just run prowl to your teammate if their flank outdamage you, but make sure you have land shot before, your enemy flanks skill must be on cooldown after 1 hour chase you.. and your teammate just stomp them. :D

you can watch pro-Maeve like bird youtube that plays Maeve safely, for example,
I am not pro or ranked player still learning, but I found this strategy mostly increases your win rate with balancing
offensive(street justice) and defensive(damage reduction)
okay, that is for now and have some fun amaeving !!