Give a love to Grumpy

by Evanstanislas
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Demolition I
Grumpy Bomb destroys all shields when it explodes and increases the blast radius by 25.5-390
Grumpy Bomb
Shock and Awe
Getting a kill with Detonate grants 5-50% Movement Speed for 4s.
Royal Decree
Increase your Reload speed by 1-10% for 3s for every Sticky Bomb detonated.
Poppy Bomb has 5-50% increased Knockback against enemies and explodes on contact with any surface.
Poppy Bomb
Mad Bomber
Using Grumpy Bomb grants 3.5-35% Movement Speed for 2s.
Grumpy Bomb
Reduce the cooldown of Grumpy Bomb by 0.5-5s.
Grumpy Bomb