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The projectile launched by reloading your Cursed Howitzer explodes in a 20-unit-radius area on contact.
Expansive Vault
Jump height is increased for your first jump within 1-5s after exiting a Shortcut.
Plank Walker
Heal for 100-500 after exiting a Shortcut.
Dark Bargain
Heal for 50-250 every 1s while standing near a Shortcut.
Hangman's Ire
Gain a 150-750-Health Shield after dropping to or below 50% Health.
Sea Dogs
Increase the Healing you receive by 5-25% while at or below 50% Health.


Dredge is almost the strongest of all champions. Its only flaw is its mobility, which can be seen as being cheated due to the invulnerability and counter cc that its portals provides (and there is no distance at which portals work...)
Because Dredge is dmg, he is very important and must survive (heal deck). Also he must make the maximum of damage in order to earn credits.
- When you get off your horse, the first thing to do is to place a portal (Shortcut) if ever you need an outdoor.
- With Dredge, you can push the enemies by yourself but remember to always place portals (Shortcuts) next to you!! because this deck heals you from being in the range of portals (portals don't really need strategic placements because they can't be destroyed by enemies but can be seen by the enemies!)

PRO tips:
- It is very important to understand that the best way to do damage is to be in contact with the enemie "to be in the field". That's why you have to take "Scuttle" to hit as many enemies as possible. Do not forget to buy 2 of reloading speed then 1 caut and finally Bulldozer or Brecker (in order to make more damage and quickly earn credits)
- When you get off your horse, the first thing to do is to right click (3 grenades towards enemies) then place a portal (Shortcut). Right click grenade's timer starts only once the grenade hits the floor (not walls)
- The card Sea Dogs works with portals!!
- Depending on situations you can shoot at the ceiling for the grenades to fall onto enemies that have shields.
- Never under estimate the left click spam!! (be close to enemies to predict the best, but too close and you will take damage from your explosions)