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Steady Aim
Hitting a fully charged shot will cause your next fully charged shot within 7s to deal 30% more damage.
Sniper Mode
Quick Scope
Reduce the time it takes to scope in and scope out by 20-100%
Sniper Mode
Open Season
Your Sniper attacks reveal enemies to you for 1-5s.
Sniper Mode
Lie in Wait
After 1s of standing still, regenerate 50-250 Health each second.
True Grit
Hitting an enemy with a fully charged shot heals you for 100-500.
Sniper Mode
Enemies affected by Oppressor Mines receive 15-75% less healing.
Oppressor Mine


With this build you will want to harscope the life out of your enemy players while getting sustaining heals by just standing still. One thing I love about this build is that you won't need a great aim to get the most out of your build while have a great aim is not discredited. I personally have been using this build since a week or three. In these tree weeks I have changed it up a little bit and this is optimal for me, if you don't quite love it just tweek around a bit. Just stay in the back, scope the life out of your enemies and get a lot of damage. Steady aim is key for hardscoping, it makes sure you can take out even beefy champions fairly quickly without the need of a great aim. Open Season III helps you to track the people you shot so that you can follow them through the wall and when they come out, you shoot them. Quick Scope I helps you to shoot a target quickly when they come around a corner either far away or up close. If you want to be more defended against flanks and you have great aim, crank it up a notch so that you can Quick Scope the life out of them. Lie in Wait IV is great for staying alive while still being able to keep shooting. True Grit III Heals you when you shoot a hardscoped shot, great for the hardscoping tactics. Octopressor IV is great for killing the enemy players while they have a great healer, it lowers the recieved healing by 60%.