Healing Potion (2 near tanks)

by simoconfa
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Mega Potion
Healing Potion's Healing is increased by 100%.
Healing Potion
Medicinal Excellence
Increase the radius of Healing Potion by 8-40%.
Healing Potion
Reduce the Cooldown of Healing Potion by 0.6-3s for each ally it hits.
Healing Potion
Heal yourself for 20-100% of Healing Potion's effect if you hit an ally but not yourself.
Healing Potion
From Above
Reduces the Cooldown of Weightless by 0.6-3s.
Refreshing Jog
Heal for 60-300 every 1s while Weightless is active.


Hi all!
I have seen strange decks for Mega Potion set and I would make some clarification. Mega Potion healer has been quite nerfed in the previous patches. The healing and self-healing had been set from 1200->1000. I continue to suggest Combat Medic instead. But if you are like me and you like "burst healing" and you like doing some consistent dps meawhile, this is the build for you because you can save life to players from a very far distance. I suggest another off healer with this spec (a damage healer, like Ying or a healing Skye) because unless you pick 2 chronos it is difficult to heal alone in my opinion. The deck above is suggested for a new Pip player, to not newbie Pip players I recommend to look at alternatives below.

Let's have a look to cards:



  • Reload: This card is the key of the built since healing potion is your only source of healing, try to heal (if you can) players when are grouped up, this happens quite often with Main Tank and Off Tank. This value MUST BE 5/5;
  • Medicinal Excellence: useful when you are very far from players or you cannot see them. Remember this card cannot be to low because if you miss a heal, Reload talent will not proc and you cannot heal for an insane amount of time. If you are a new player to Pip I would suggest 5/5, pro players can also play with 3/5;
  • Gift Giver: Since healing potion is your only source of healing a minimum of 2/5 is needed here. Remember to heal others (if you can) before yourself! I would suggest not more than 3/5 here;
  • From Above: Since I use much weightless and also 1 is good I would chose this one;
  • Refreshing Jog: For survivability and not essential, 1 is not enough so, if you have 1 point left don't chose this card, I would recommend only if 2/5 left.

Alternatives to Refreshing Jog:
Smithereens 1/5 and Gift Giver 3/5 (instead of 2);
Acrobat's Trick 4/5 and Medicinal Excellence 3/5 (instead of 5). This build is good if you spend much time in doing dps. I really love this build in TDM.



Ingame perks:
Chronos: This must be you first choice. Since they lowered price from 3.1 I would recommend also as second option;
Cauterize: Since you can heal not very often, meanwhile you need to do some dps;
llluminate: Only if there is Skye;
Haven: Since you are always flanked this can be an option (not from first ones);
Morale Boost
: Another valid option, do not pick as last picking otherwise is useless.
Master Riding: If you die often because of flanks. Heavely suggested in long maps.