by Requiesta de Silencia
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Your Stealth bar is consumed 50% slower.
Reduce the time to swap to your Side Arm by 20-100%
Quick Switch
Swapping to your Pistol grants 10-50% Lifesteal for 3s.
Quick Switch
Guerilla Tactics
Eliminations grant 15-75 Stealth Resource.
Flare XL
Increase the Reveal range of Flare by 10-50%
Escape Plan
Entering stealth below 65% health heals you for 100-500 health.


As you can probably tell from the layout, this is not a nimble Strix. You're camping a single spot for as long as you can before you get targeted by the enemy flanks. Don't use this build if the enemy team has a lot of ranged support like Kinessa or another Strix. You're not winning sniper duels with this, you're only taking down key targets and ripping up Tank health.

Thanks to Dexterous III and Bushwhack III you'll be able to survive if a common flank like Skye or Androxus sneaks up on you. Just pull out your sidearm and start planting bullets in their face. If the Androxus is trying to snipe you enter stealth, move unpredictably, then poke a hole in his head. Let Escape Plan III do its thing.

Upgrade Path:
Life Rip III - normally I advocate Kill to Heal for Strix, but in this setup, you're looking for immediate payout when it comes to your health
Haven III - unless you're going up against Evie, in which case get Blast Shields
Wrecker III or Reload Speed III - a weird choice I know, use Wrecker if the enemy has a lot of shields (Strix's base damage is extreme so this will eat them up)
Master Riding III or Morale Boost III - depending on if you want to toss flash grenades more often or get to your nest faster

Flare XL II for Cooled Mags II - limits the need for reloading
Escape Plan III to Escape Plan I, Bushwhack III to Bushwhack V - Improves flank survival rates but lowers emergency survival rates
Flare XL II for Roost II - If your team has another revealer