Hot Topic Bae (w/Guide)

by FreakinFuzz
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Fortress Breaker
Siege Shield moves 80% slower, has 3000 more Health, and is 50% larger.
Siege Shield
Castle Forged
Reduce Cooldown of Kinetic Burst by 0.5-2.5s.
Kinetic Burst
Siege Engine
Reduce the cooldown of Siege Shield by 1-5s for hitting an enemy with Kinetic Burst.
Kinetic Burst
Increase the knockback distance of Kinetic Burst by 8-40%
Kinetic Burst
Heavy Metal
Increase your base maximum Health by 150-750.
Heal for 80-400 Health over 2s for each enemy hit by Kinetic burst.
Kinetic Burst



This deck is an absolute BLAST to play with. With Chronos you can pretty much juggle everyone off the point so long as there isn't a Torv with CC reduction shields or an Inara with CC reduction totem. Its a really good build to hold a point with and my favorite deck to use with Ash.

Card & Talent Choices


  • Fortress Breaker: I've never found a lot of value in Ashs shield but this talent has grown on me! The shield size can take up an entire point and provide plenty of cover for your DPS to shoot behind.

Deck & Points

  • Siege Engine(5): You're gonna want to be spamming Siege Shield and Kinetic Burst a lot so this card is a must!
  • Castle Forged(4): Lowering the CD on Kinetic Burst helps you get Siege Shield faster AND keeps the other team off point! 
  • Brawl(3): This card has saved my life quite a few times. Since you will be spamming Kinetic Burst you will be self healing quite a bit, I find it super helpfull to dance around my Siege Shield while pushing the enemy away till my healer returns. (Always have ult too!)
  • Percussion(2): Knock them back further? Sure! Why not!
  • Heavy Metal(1): a little extra health never hurt anyone!


What you use is up to you! Here is a little guide to judge what is best for you that work with this build.

  • Chronos: Its good to get at least 2 Chronos ASAP with this build. Getting the CD of Kinetic Burst to 3 seconds helps you spam shields, Self heal, and keep the point clear!
  • Cauterize: Since you're gonna be spamming shots anyways it always helps the DPS get the kills!
  • Rejuvenate: Healers will love you. 
  • Haven: Nice to get if they decide to take wrecker.



A fun clip of me playing with my buddy abusing Kinetic Burst on Fish Market