If you don´t know the healer

by J3lueDeamon
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Increase your Maximum Health by 600 and gain CC Immunity during Ancient Rage.
Crashing Wave
Shell Spin's Cooldown is reduced by 1-5s for every enemy hit by it.
Shell Spin
Increase the distance Shell Spin travels by 10-50%
Shell Spin
Ebb and Flow
Upon reaching 40% health the Cooldown of Shell Spin is reduced by 20-100%
Spring Tide
Shell Spin heals you for 250-1250 for every enemy hit.
Shell Spin
Activating Dredge Anchor generates 1 Ammo every 0.5s for 0.5-2.5s.
Dredge Anchor


This deck is for everyone who play alone and don´t Tust the healer,ore you have to be the Point tank becouse inkompetent team mates. With that deck you never die if you could aim a bit but your dmg is lower than with pluck but could also go to 100k in a longer round. If you just have your half live use shield and wait the 1.5 sec till cauterisation is expired. don´t wait till the last HP with the shiel else the tanks kill you. than use spin and trie to hit bouth tanks ore tank and heal as mutch as possible. if you hit 2 you gain 2.5k heal your live is max and you could yous so spin in 4 secs again to gain new live. never forget if you fall under the 40 % you get an new spin so if you you get also cauterised becous the tank have ore shield cooldown isen´t over and you no bsp vik hit you, escape with your spin wait at a corner and hit him with your new spin.
Normaly i buy first Moral boost to survive in hard situations but it so team dependnt.