Impregnable Inarra

by Gboiie
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Mother's Grace
Earthen Guard gains 20% increased Damage Reduction and now grants CC Immunity.
Earthen Guard
Sacred Ground
Standing in Warder's Field grants you 5-25% Damage Reduction.
Warder's Field
Standing in Warder's Field heals you for 20-100 Health per second.
Warder's Field
Reduce the cooldown of Earthen Guard by 0.5-2.5s.
Earthen Guard
Stone Bulwark
Heal for 25-125 Health per second during Earthen Guard.
Earthen Guard
Gain 150-750 maximum Health.


             Many of the players says that Inarra is a sluggish champion, but they are wrong. Sluggishness is Inarra's most powerful attribute. She can stand her ground and can produce an Impregnable wall. 

So, here are the tips on how to use Inarra's Sluggishness.

Defending/Capturing the Objective

  • When capturing the objective, Inarra has a self-sustaining stance using her abilities like Earthen Guard and Warder's Field as empowered by her cards: Mother's Grace, Sacred Ground, and the Caretaker. 
  • Earthen Guard is an unbreakable shield that protects Inarra. With the help of Stone Bulwark using Earthen Guard heals you for 100 health per second with 40% increased healing granted by the Earthen Guard.  With Mother's Grace Inarra has 20% Damaged reduction and cannot be disable while Earthen Guard is Active(Works Better with focused healing abilities like- Seris, and Maldamba, and Jenos. Dont Forget: Buy the Rejuvenation Item). 
  • Warder's Field can really help Inarra in case of an attack. Sacred Ground and Caretaker Cards makes you an adamant champion granted with 15% Damage Reduction and another 100 health per second. Combining Warder's Field with Earthen Guard will almost make you invulnerable.

Items that works for Inarra

  • Chronos
  • Rejuvenate
  • Haven
  • Bulldozer/Cauterize/Wrecker (Choose one base on a specific enemy)

Words of Wisdom: Whenever you're using Inarra, always stand your ground. Do not get frighten by the enemies. Make your enemies frighten you.

P.S. : The Title is inappropriate. Humourous.