Inara, The rock

by Decks from the Heart
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Treacherous Ground
The radius of Warder's Field is increased by 50% and it Cripples enemies within it.
Warder's Field
Increase your maximum Health by 150-750.
Sacred Ground
Reduce your damage taken by 5-25% while standing in Warder's Field.
Warder's Field
Standing Stones
Reduce the Cooldown of Warder's Field by 1-5s.
Warder's Field
Rolling Stones
Reduce your active Cooldowns by 8-40% after getting an Elimination.
Increase your maximum Ammo by 1-5.


I played lot of games of inara ! Btw i was top 15 support on Overwatch, so i have kind good feeling about Decks ! I need your comments to practice more and be better optimised , but for me this deck is pretty clean :
I like the big range of the legendary ! With 5/5 "Standing stones", with mix with 3/5 sacred ground, that help you soo much to tank more and be agressif , blocking at the same time somes ennemies to gain adventages ! Inara have a lot of health and bonus healing with her protection ! soo 4K + HP + 15% reduction ( you can change it by 5/5, it can be good ! ), 1 point for 1 ammo by "Insurmountable" , 1 only point but soo helpful , 6 ammo is decent and good ! , and only 2 but realy helpful "rolling stones", because i have a lot of assistant and kill with her ! i protect soo much my team , i capture the point , block the tank from the backlines ...ect !

Tell me please if you like the deck ! All the card can be switched level ( points ), but i would keep this synergie ! Basic , but soo much strong always on the battle field !
Inara the rock !