INMORTAL TANK | Complete guide.

by BlackCrow95
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Aegis I
Your Shield has an infinite Duration and the Cooldown is reduced to 13.2-7.8s.
Last Stand
While Shield is active and you are below 50% Health, you heal {scale=50|50} Health each second until you reach 50% Health.
Towering Barrier
Increase the Health of Shield by 250-2500.
Increase your base maximum Health by {scale=75|75}.
Heat Transfer
Every 1000 Damage your shield takes reduces the cooldown of Charge by 0.25-2.5s.
Safe Travel
Gain a 125-1250 damage Shield for 5s after you Charge.


Hi guys!

IMMORTAL TANK: It is a deck focused on the maximum prolongation of Fernando's life, thus increasing his survival through his shields.

  • Towering barrier: It will increase the life of our shield, thus resisting more blows and protecting more our companions and ourselves.
  • Last stand: It cures us when our life falls to a certain percentage.
  • Heat transfer: If they hurt us, it will reduce the cooldown of the Charge ability.
  • Cavalier: It will increase our maximum life, making us a little harder to kill.
  • Safe travel: Will give us a shield after loading, Heat transfer will help us use more times this and maintain our mitigation at high levels.

- ⚜ -
What objects to buy?

On the defensive:

  • Lighting: If we have enemies with a very high CM like: Bomb King, Drogoz, Grover, Inara, Jenos, Makoa, Mal'Damba, Pip, Strix and Terminus.
  • Heaven: If there is not so much CM enemy.

In the utilities:

  • Morale Boost: We will be able to use this skill so beautiful that it makes us immune to the whole team.
  • Master Riding: It is usually the most used, because we got to defend the point much faster.

In healing:

  • Rejuvenate: This will help the healer increase his healing to us.

In the offensive:

  • Bulldozer: Will only serve against Inara, Ash and Barik.
  • Cauterize: In this case, let's use it to reduce to more than 100% the enemy's cure, this depends if the enemy team has healer or not.
  • Wrecker: Let's use it if the enemy has Fernando, Torvald or Makoa (it also breaks Vivian's shield).

- ⚜ -

Extra data:

  • Counter objects: Wrecker.
  • Champions counter: Drogoz, Bomb King, Torvald and Tyra.
  • Tips for counters:
    • Drogoz: Disable your special power with yours.
    • Bomb King: Disables your special power with yours, but do it just as your voice line ends and begins to roll.
    • Torvald: Force him to recharge his shield before using ours.