Killer Grohk

by MadMadamMim
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Your weapon shots reduce the Cooldown of Shock Pulse by 0.5s and Shock Pulse chains 4 additional times.
Shock Pulse
Arc Lightning
Increase the Chain range of Shock Pulse by 8-40%.
Shock Pulse
Lightning Rod
Heal for 30-150 for each enemy hit with Shock Pulse.
Shock Pulse
Increase the duration of Ghost Walk by 0.3-1.5s.
Ghost Walk
Increase your maximum Ammo by 10-50%.
Generate 6-30% of your Ammo for each unique enemy hit by Shock Pulse.
Shock Pulse


Fun and easy to use but hard to master. My version of damage Grohk offers great damage and a bonus of survivability.

Arc Lightning v5 - Offers more reach to your shock pulse adding more damage to the opposite team.
Lightning Rod v4 - Gain 120 health for each enemy hit with shock pulse. Nice little heal considering you will be spamming shock pulse alot.
Phantom v3 - Gives you a little extra time to drop a totem and heal or flee.
Thunderlord v2 - Add 20% extra ammo. It helps make sure you have the ammo to get back your shock pulse asap.
Thunderstruck v1- get back 6% ammo for each unique enemy player hit with shock pulse. Again you will be spamming shock pulse alot so it helps keep your ammo topped up.
Items to buy -
Cauterize v3 asap since you hit every enemy or just about you help keep there health down.
Moral Boost for your ultimate back and deal more damage.
Life Rip because a little extra health never hurt anyone.
And for my last one I like to go nimble for tight situations where I need to run away.
Plan of attack.
Use shock pulse on enemies or deployables
To rack up some damage then use you lightning staff hitting the weaker enemies to get your shock pulse back and spam it again. Easy right? When in danger drop a totem and use ghost walk heal to almost full and use shock pulse again to get full health and continue your assault. Once your ultimate pops use it and destroy the enemy team if they all don't die they will have low health use shock pulse to finish off the crippled.

Now go and be the annoying grohks I know you can be and don't forget to like!