Lazer vivian dps

by McPetey(PSN)
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Booby Trap
Your Sensor Drones explode, dealing 600 damage and applying a Knockback to those hit when an enemy is within 20 units.
Sensor Drone
Eyes on the Prize
Reduce your weapon recoil by 20-100% while using Precision Sights.
Precision Sights
Hidden Reserves
Every weapon shot made while Precision Sights is active has an 8-40% chance to not consume Ammo.
Precision Sights
Controlling Nature
Reduce the Cooldown of Sensor Drone by 0.08-0.4s for every enemy hit while Precision Sights is active.
Precision Sights
Lightweight Alloy
Bring up Precision Sights 15-75% faster.
Precision Sights
Unchecked Ambition
Hitting an enemy with a weapon shot has a 12-60% chance to not consume Ammo.


Nimble is highly recommended for this build...

This Vivian build transforms your machine gun into a steady laser. The Hidden Reserves and Unchecked Ambition allow you to fire for absolutely insane amounts of time.
Having no recoil makes landing headshots really easy, and although I typically run booby trap so that I can maximize my dps; any of her talents work well with this play style. Opportunity in chaos should let you 1v1 just about anyone as long you can land enough headshots.