Leap Frog (Or: You Might As Well Jump!)

by Tele-Viper (AKA AppleJames)
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Hell or High Water
Upon landing with the ability Commanding Leap create a small pool underneath you that will heal both you and allies for 1.5s. Octavia's ammo is not consumed while standing inside of this field.
Vantage Point
Reduce the Cooldown of Commanding Leap by 0.3-1.5s every 1s while standing inside of your Distortion Field.
Air Supremacy
Reduce damage your taken by 5-25% for 2.5s after activating Commanding Leap.
Clean Shots
Reduce your weapon recoil by 20-100% while using Commanding Leap.
High Ground
Increase the jump strength of Octavia's Commanding Leap by 5-25%.
Getting Jumpy
Reset the Cooldown of Commanding Leap after dropping to or below 10-50% Health.


This is a for-fun loadout I built that suits my off the wall play-style. It's built around midair accuracy, jump strength, and reducing Jump cooldowns.

Take Hell or High Water and give your team either Commander's Cooldown or Commander's Ultimate. Most maps with this you can easily jump from spawn to point, so be cautious where you land. this loadout is excellent for dropping in, spot-healing everyone as you land, dropping a field, then jumping away. And it rewards you for firing from the hip during your leaps. So leap often!