Loadout for mediocre/console Andros

by TheGodzlayer_xX
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Cursed Revolver
Your Revolver becomes automatic, dealing 600 damage every 0.5s.
Power of the Abyss
Reduce the Cooldown of Nether Step by 20-100% after hitting an enemy with Reversal.
Seething Hatred
Reduce the Cooldown of Reversal by 0.5-2.5s after hitting an enemy with your weapon.
Buying Time
Generate 2-10 Ammo after activating Reversal.
Quick Draw
Increase your Ammo count by 1-5.
Through the Warp
Increase the distance of each Nether Step dash by 5-25%.
Nether Step


So, I absolutely love Androxus (lvl 95 main), though I am from ps4 and was never amazing with aiming. I was always trying to fit through a highly rewarding loadout, but after playing a 1v1 with a master he told me some good tips about getting a loadout that fits more to my noobish playstyle.

Legendary: Cursed Revolver is his most viable talent right now, and that's why the whole loadout is centered around your primary weapon.
Buying Time and Quick Draw allow you to shoot 13 shots without the need to reload! Andro is best when hitting the primary shots, so those extra shots deliver just that. Also, extra 4 ammo for lvl 2 card is highly worth it, in my opinion.
Then, some basic reversal cards like Power Of The Abyss and Seething Hatred allow you to recycle your abilities way more often, especially considering the extra revolver shots.
Lastly, Through The Warp is there because I am so used to it (in every loadout I have) and it is there for way more mobility, but you can change it or give it fewer points if it doesn't help you that much.

Conclusion: Very few Andro players can 1v3 and flick shot and be aim demi gods, so I believe a more noobish and mediocre level player friendly loadout should be up there, especially for console players. Hope this loadout helps you with Andro!