Maeve for 1v9 (aggresive Playstyle)

by ronkikongvb
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Rogue's Gambit
Eliminations reset the Cooldown of Pounce, and Pounce deals 10% more damage.
Cut and Run
Kills and Eliminations grant 10-50% Movement Speed for 4s.
Sixth Sense
Gain 5-25% Damage reduction for 2s after using Pounce.
Patch Up
Nine Lives now heals for 80-400.
Nine Lives
Take 4-20% less damage when below 40% health.
Walk it Off
Heal for 40-200 Health every second during Prowl.





First of all: This is my Playstyle. This is how i like to play Maeve and I dont want to say that is the best way to play her that is just whyt I like to play with her because I have a very agressive Playstyle and I think that that is pretty god on Maeve.

Try to flank to get the first kill on the enemy Backline and then use Maeve as a Damage Unit.

Repeat that as often as you can. You dont want to get the last hits, to be the best Flank in the game as Maeve, but you should go and try to deal the most damage. You will get the most last hits automaticly if you deal with distance the most damage.














Get Kill to Heal or Life Rip first [depends on the Map and the enemy team (get Kill to Heal on a Map that is good for Flankers and against squishy enemys.)].

Then upgrade it when you get easy kills or get a Defensive Item (Blast Shields or Haven).

If you have upgradet your Healing Item and got one Defensive Item you can either upgrade one of those agin or get an Utility Item (Nimble or Chronos). Nimble is what I go when I can say im better and Chronos if I struggle a bit.

I usually only get an Attak Item if my Teams Damage Units arent that good or if my Team is far behind.





What I go usually: Healing ; Defense ; Healing ; Utility ; Defense ; Healing ; Utility ; Defense ; Utility. But you should always decide what to go depending on your playastyle and the enemy team. As I told I am a very aggresive Maeve-Player.





If you have any questions to the Deck or something else just DM me on Discord: Rewe vong Bordell#4797