main (if theres an enemy dps)

by fruitful-cent917
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Spirit Link's Cooldown is increased to 7s and it now only lasts for 4s, but its base effects are tripled.
Spirit Link
Enveloping Magic
Increase the maximum amount of damage mitigated by Envelop by 7-35%.
Magic in the Blood
Reduce the Cooldown of your next Chain Heal by 0.1-0.5s after hitting an enemy with Sigil. This effect stacks.
Midnight Stroll
Reduce the damage done by any enemy you are linked to with Spirit Link by 4-20%.
Spirit Link
Spring to Action
Increase the Healing Spirit Links provides every 1s to your linked friendly target by 20-100 Health.
Spirit Link
Mystic Mastery
Increase your maximum Health by 50-250.


this deck is fantastic against dps champions and high damage, or execute ults like drogoz or kinessa. you will want to constantly interchanged between linking an enemy or an ally depending on the needs of your team. if theres a dps about to kill your teammate, link the dps and start healing. midnight stroll will reduce enemy damage. spring to action also allows for better heals per second on the spirit link, helping them get more ult charge by staying alive longer. this is basically centered around helping the team live, theres no real damage amplification here.