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by Ryner
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Spirit's Chosen
Mending Spirits immediately Heals your target for an additional 250.
Mending Spirits
Eerie Presence
Reduce the Cooldown of Mending Spirits by 0.5-2.5s if you miss.
Mending Spirits
Reduce your damage taken by 4-20% while Healing an ally with Mending Spirits.
Mending Spirits
Swift Spirits
Increase the Movement Speed of allies affected by Mending Spirits by 5-25%.
Mending Spirits
Increase your maximum Health by 50-250.
Ritual Magic
Heal for 15-75 every 1s while Healing an ally with Mending Spirits.
Mending Spirits


Hi there, welcome to the Damba guide.

This deck is supposed to be used for any composition, assuming Maldamba is going support.

Actually Maldamba doesn't have many build variations because Eerie Presence, Possession and Swift Spirits are incredibly effective on him, everything else is a filler, including Many gourds.

Always consider using his escape ability to avoid damage and remove some types of Crowd Control, this includes Strix flashbang and Maeve's blindness.

Chronos is a must-buy item for nearly all games. But the second item is where you should consider what you're going against.

If you feel confident or enemy can be easilly countered by CC, buy Deft hands, Haven if enemy team got great poke, or Nimble for larger maps.