Master of Death

by Shadowpuppy
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Hitting an enemy with Heirloom Rifle increases your Heirloom Rifle damage against that enemy by 7% for 3s, stacking up to 4 times.
Manifest Destiny
Increase the travel distance of Grace by 5-25 units.
Reduce your active Cooldowns by 10-50% after earning an Elimination.
Increase your maximum Ammo by 1-5.
Eagle's Emerald
Generate 1-5 Ammo for each enemy hit with Valor.
Hitting an enemy with Presence reduces its Cooldown by 1-5s.


Precision takes 4 shots to get to max damage amp of 28%
512 Body
768 Head

INHERITANCE Provides cool down reduction
-2 Grace
-3.2 Valor
-6 Presence

SUPERIORITY makes getting to max damage amp with enough ammo remaining to kill the tank, as well as missing a few shots very doable
Each shot is 28 damage more than the last
400 - 428 - 456 - 484 - 512 --- This takes 2.2 seconds to achieve your first 512 damage shot. This is pretty good but not over whelming.
Head shots
600 - 642 - 684 - 726 - 768

Unlikley but 5 headshots is 3420 damage.... Even if you just hit the last two that is 1494 damage in 0.9 seconds.
To be fair lian headshots in good without this build but lets get into what makes this work.

MANIFEST DESTINY is the key to this entire build.
Lian's greatest weakness is mobility. Other build require you to kill everything that attacks you to survive. Flanks jumps you if you dont kill them you are dead.
This build that is not the case, you can use your dash to get out of so much focused damage as well as moving around the map and chasing low health targets.

The dash will also allow you to exit the blast range of Dredge Drogoz Willow Evie and anyone else that tries to jump on your head to make you look up.
You just dash out of the zone and kill them. Nothing feels better than having a Willow use her movement to jump on your head drop a dead zone and seeds only to see you sitting 25 units away, presence to her face and killing her. Salvos Evie blinking on your head, Andro dashing into your face. It works on allot of champs.

The dash can cover large spaces when used off high ground. Few examples
Timber Mill you can dash from a roof to one of the rooms on the side of the point...
Serpent Beach you can dash from high ground diagonal across point to the doorway ...
Bright Marsh you can dash from stairs high ground to the stairs on the other side, this is one of my favorites as you can shoot to make some one take cover and dash across when they are not looking and they don't even know you are on their side coming up the stairs...

The extra ammo does help PRECISION but its real purpose is so you can fire on point and still have the ammo to fight a flank than jumps in.... This allows you to attack the point and still have ammo for the flank as they like to wait for you to be firing for a bit before engaging. So when the flank jumps you and you dash you will likely still have 5 or 6 rounds left the damage from the dash and presence. Without the ammo you have to have more caution on putting rounds on point when you dont know where the flank is. Ill shoot 6 or 7 rounds and reload if there is nothing of value in my site. Dont use all your ammo if you dont really see value in doing so. the point of the build is to look for opening and dash in and cash in on them and you cant do that if you have to reload before you can try and take advantage.

This build gets allot of value from eliminations but you do not have to get all the eliminations to achieve the resets.
Try not to just use Valor as a damage ability, try if you can to save it for when you see someone losing a trade. Add in a quick 400 easy damage to help your team mate as well as get that elimination to cool down your presence.

Dashing high ground can make some very spicy plays. SplitStone you can dash off high ground to land on the enemy side of the point.
You see several people back away either way to take cover you can dash off high ground and que up and provide a presence to the face of fleeing people.
This is also a great way to get some massive value out of your ult.

Its also super strong when a tank is low on point to dash in and finish off the low health tank before they even know what happen. Of course dashing into the backline is going to end in your death sometimes so picking the value moment where you can make something happen is the key.
If you can hit two people with your presence and kill two people that is 14 seconds off your 15 second cool down. This is why i normally start my suprise dash attack from high ground with a presence as people dont even know where i came from so i dont take that much damage from the windup. If i get kills i may be able dash presence valor again.

EAGLES EMERALD works pretty well with the build. 12 ammo plus another 2 or 3 from a valor shot is pretty strong for a champ that shoots every 0.4 seconds
Even on base damage 400 a shot 15 rounds is 6000 damage before you reload. That is done in 6.7 seconds without calculating her damage from other skills. You add in a few head shots and PRECISION boost and its allot of damage.