Max Healing Seris

by BerserkerFury
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Mortal Reach
Increase the range of Restore Soul by 300% and the Duration by 1s.
Restore Soul
Blood Pact
While channeling Restore Soul you heal yourself for 70-350 Health per second.
Restore Soul
Soul Forge
Reduce the Cooldown of Restore Soul by 0.5-2.5s.
Restore Soul
Fade to Black
Activating Restore Soul reduces the Cooldown of Shadow Travel by 0.8-4s.
Restore Soul
Dark Whisper
Increase your movement speed in Shadow Travel by 20-100%
Shadow Travel
Essence Rip
Rend Soul heals you for 8-40% more.
Rend Soul


With this build your "Restore Soul" (Right mouse button) will have about 1 second of cooldown, and will also heal you for 350 health p/ second, making you a walking fountain of healing.
Also, your Shadow Travel will have a faster cooldown because of the Fade To Black III, and with Dark Whisper I (and some experience) you will avoid almost any sort of flank champion.
Essence Rip I is there just for more sustain, but you can change it if you want. : )

Item Shop:
In game i like to go for the maximum survivability possible. Haven 3 and Nimble 3 are the core cards, you can change it a little bit of course adding Illuminate to counter Skye, or adding Resilience, you do you.
Just don't buy Chronos, with Soul Forge V and Fade To Black III you have enough Cooldown Reduction.