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Bulk Up
Using Recovery instantly Heals you for 600 and increases your maximum Health by 300 for 5s.
Reduce the Cooldown of Recovery by 1-5s.
Deep Breath
Reduce your damage taken by 6-30% for 2s after using Recovery.
Reduce your damage taken by 6-30% for 4s after using Heroic Leap.
Heroic Leap
Leg Day
Increase the jump strength of Heroic Leap by 5-25%.
Heroic Leap
Regenerate 1 Ammo every 0.5s for 0.5-2.5s after activating Recovery.


In this Guide I gonna show you how to use this deck properly and for which champs it is against for!

This deck is for those who dont want to rely much on healers and can fighting on his own.








How should I use the decks benefits?



  • You should use them for a easy 1v1 or 1v2.

  • Keep in mind that you have to rotate with the abilitys and dont activating them all at once!

  • Dont forget that it is not a purely aggressive deck and cards like "Stomping Ground" are not included!

  • Use your surroundings as cover. This is not really much to do with this deck but it is importing for a good Buck player!

  • Dont panic and try to play cool!


How should the abilities rotate?



  1. First of all, find a good spot where you can suprise attack your enemy/s.
  2. Then you're gonna activate "HEROIC LEAP" towards the enemy/s and get 24% DMG Reduction from "Momentum" for 4 seconds!
  3. Instantly slow them down with "NET SHOT" and try to get some good shots on the enemy
  4. If you health is low activate "RECOVERY" to get your life back, but only activate it until "CAUTERIZE" been worn of.
  5. Try to survive there as long as you can so you can activate "HEROIC LEAP" and flee if needed. (If you didnt use "RECOVERY" in 4.) you can use it now)
  6. Wait little time and repeat the whole process. :))


You should always use your the abilities in the right moment! For example before the next sniper shot so you get DMG reduction.




Against which Champs it this deck for?



This deck is made against champs which dont have much movement abilities and easy to track/follow.



For example:



  • Pip
  • Strix
  • Io
  • ...


Hopefully I could help you guys with this deck and gonna' improve your overall performance in matches!



Thanks for reading and good luck trying this deck ;))




See ya!