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Spirit's Chosen
Mending Spirits immediately Heals your target for an additional 200.
Mending Spirits
Eerie Presence
Reduce the Cooldown of Mending Spirits by 0.5-2.5s if you miss.
Mending Spirits
Swift Spirits
Increase the Movement Speed of allies affected by Mending Spirits by 5-25%.
Mending Spirits
Many Gourds
Reduce the Cooldown of Gourd by 0.5-2.5s.
Liminal Passage
Increase the travel distance of Slither by 10-50%.
Reduce your damage taken by 4-20% while Healing an ally with Mending Spirits.
Mending Spirits


Hey again! I finally had some time to make my second guide for Mal'Damba, and this time I'll be explaining a build I use for "Spirit's Chosen." Now, I don't really see that many people use Spirit's Chosen when it comes to healing since Ripened Gourd is more likely more useful in certain situations and it provides better healing more consistently than Spirit's Chosen. But as a Mal'Damba main I practice with all of his talents, including Spirit's Chosen. My build is pretty much a basic build that focuses on supporting teammates and survivability. There are, of course, many other cards you can use for this talent as well as the others. Spirit's Chosen is one of those talents where you can use in situations that'll make it difficult for you to heal with your gourd, for example, there could be a Willow on the enemy team, and one of Willow's abilities is called "Dead Zone." Anyone within the area of Dead Zone won't be able to receive any healing. A Willow could simply place their Dead Zone over your healing gourd, making it useless. The same could be said with Tyra's Fire Bomb ability.

Now, the first I have is "Eerie Presence IV" as explained in my last guide, Eerie Presence is a card that makes the cooldown of Mending Spirits go down, but this only works if you miss. This is great if you're having trouble hitting your teammates with Mending Spirits. Another good thing about Mal'Damba is that he has the capability of sniper healing with Mending Spirits. Healing from afar is not very easy, trust me, I still have trouble too, but if things get too heated, you could heal from a distance and Eerie Presence would be very useful if you miss.

The second card I have is "Swift Spirits IV" and I actually explained a little bit about what Swift Spirits did in my last guide, but didn't really go in-depth with what it does and its purpose of helping your team. Swift Spirits increases the movement speed of an ally who's being healed by Mending Spirits. This card is very useful for helping your teammates reach capture points, and getting away from or reaching enemies. I personally like seeing my teammates move faster as it helps keep the team moving and keeping yourself and your teammates moving could be your ticket to victory.

The third card I have is "Many Gourds II" As you might guess, it'd be extremely difficult to only heal with Mending Spirits. Supporting your team with both healing methods are extremely important, (look at the end of the guide for more info) having a cooldown for your Gourd would be helpful if your Mending Spirits is on cooldown or if the damage is overtaking the healing from Mending Spirits. Oh, and since your not using the Ripened Gourd talent, your gourd can now damage enemies so you can also use this to help deal damage to enemies on the point or who are at low health.

The fourth card I have is "Liminal Passage III" As explained in my last guide, Liminal Passage is very useful when enemy flanks attack you, surviving enemy ultimates, and repositioning. The increase in travel distance will give you a better chance at surviving enemy attacks and reaching certain areas quicker. But again, be careful when you use Slither since it only goes in one direction, if you make a mistake, you'll most likely be caught in between enemies.

The last card I have is "Possession II" I honestly love possession as it's gotten me out of near-death situations but another card that could go here is "Ritual Magic" which would heal you for a certain amount of health over the course of one second while healing an alley with Mending Spirits while Possession gives you damage reduction when healing an alley with Mending Spirits. I'll start with Possession, Possession is useful when you're getting caught in the crossfire between the two teams and since most champions have fall-off damage, Possession would be very useful for certain situations. Ritual Magic will benefit you from healing your teammates by granting you health every second, your healing received would be based on the level of your card. I encourage you to test out the different levels of each card to find out which works best for you, you don't have to follow the levels of my cards exactly.

Alright, we're almost done with the guide! I will be explaining how you can time your healing abilities and know which ones to use at which times and since I didn't include this in the last guide, I'll suggest the items you'll need for this talent and build But right now, I'll first start with something simple: Heal the teammates that are at the lowest health. Prioritize which teammates need healing the most. If you have a damage alley who at like 25% health and a frontline who's at 75% health it's more important to heal your damage first. This should be the case for any teammate and class. The next thing to know is that you need to know which healing ability you should use at which time. I can't really give you a definite answer as there are way too many situations and circumstances that depend on what you should you, but I can give you an idea. If you have someone like Inara on your team who's very close to dying you would want to use both your healing gourd and Mending Spirits. This is because you want to do everything in your power to keep your tank or any teammate who's at very low health, alive. If a teammate's at about middle health, you would probably want to use your gourd for a quick way to bring them to reasonable health. This should most likely be used when a teammate is retreating to get away from enemy fire. Mending spirits can be used in this situation too as it provides moment speed for your target and grants an additional 200 health, it depends on what you think would work best. And since I forgot to include the items, here are the items for what you would want to have for this kind of build: Chronos, Haven, Run Speed, and Deft Hands if you want to stun people for support. There is no particular order in which you have to get these items but I suggest starting off with Chronos first and go from there. These items may change if there is a Skye or Drogoz (you can buy illuminate/blast shields).

Thanks for looking at my second guide for Mal'Damba and I hope you enjoyed my explanations! This took a while so I hope I covered most of your concerns about the build. Just remember that it takes practice and effort to get better at champions so don't feel discouraged if people ever call you names, they're just being toxic. We have our different playstyles so I hope you take my build, try it out, and tweak it to your own needs! Thanks again and have fun! Stay tuned for the next build I'll do for Mal'Damba regarding Wekono's Wrath!