Need Healing!

by CowGamez
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Mega Potion
Healing Potion heals allies for 100% more.
Healing Potion
Medicinal Excellence
Increase the Radius of your Healing Potion by 8-40%
Healing Potion
Instantly reduce Healing Potion's Cooldown by 0.6-3s for each ally hit.
Healing Potion
Shrewd Move
Eliminations reduce all active cooldowns by 8-40%
Gain 10-50% Lifesteal against enemies slowed by Explosive Flask.
Explosive Flask
Your weapon no longer knocks you back and deals 20-100% less self damage.


This deck is just a personal deck I came up with to best bring out my playstyle. I understand it will not be the best for some, but could be helpful to others. With that said I'll be providing short explanations and maybe a tip because why not!

The Explanations

Mega Potion: This is simple, heal more live more. If you don't prefer this the next best card for this deck would probably be combat medic, but as that can cause shots to get in the way, I prefer mega potion much more.

Medicinal Excellence: Sometimes you just need to get those stragglin' damages who aren't exactly on the point. But really, if you want you can swap this out or donate some of that tasty points to another card.

Reload: Pretty much the star of the show in this deck. I'd suggest not swapping this out as it's an excuse to get your chaotic team together. Plus who doesn't like being healed more frequently!

Shrewd Move: This is really just another reload for ya' but it doesn't matter if you feel Refreshing Jog suits you better.

Acumen: Sometimes you need to be healed too and you just don't have time to do it! If you feel something like from above fits better, do it!

Sturdy: I prefer not to be knocked back every time I shoot. But again, if you don't find this a problem, replace it!